Talent Portal

Executive Summary

Developed and implemented a job portal for employers and candidates where employers and candidates have their own extensive profiles. Employers can add job opportunities, company benefits and culture in their profile. Candidates can add their employment, education, skills, portfolio and social presence in their profile. Added third group called agents who will be associated with both employers and candidates. Employers can search for candidates in candidates list and set their preference per candidate, employers can request for interview to candidates and candidates can take proper actions on the received requests. After this, employers can take further actions on the interview requests. All activities are logged in the system. Agents can track all the activities of associated employers and candidates. Candidates can set visibility per employer. Notification are sent at every step of interview process to concerned person. Enabled Django admin features to manage all users, set the email notifications content and a global screen where admin can see activity of all users present in the system. Admin can change information of any user along with track activities of particular user in details. Implemented email templating system to allow admin to edit email templates. Implemented customized CMS to allow admin to manage all of the static pages on site.

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