User Engagement Analyzer

Executive Summary

This project is for analyzing the engagements, user’s activity on a particular brands Instagram account. The application allows the companies/brands to create their own account (admin account) and add the Instagram accounts related to their company.

The general flow of a campaign starts from creating a Campaign & Brand Story, then inviting influencers for the campaign, accepting the content from them for approval and marking them good to post. Finally the influencer has to post the content (media and caption) to their Instagram account, that will trigger a background job on server to track the media id from Instagram and starts downloading the engagements for the media.

The company admin can add multiple users such as community manager and senior community manager who can access the same company account with some restricted permissions. The application would pull all recent media and its engaged users for each registered Instagram account periodically. Based on the Instagram accounts’ media data and engaged user data, the application shows various charts.

Also there is another section in the application which allows the users to upload media for various Instagram account and schedule the time to publish the media on Instagram. The application also has several web services which is used by a mobile app. It is through the mobile app that the users can publish the approved and scheduled media on Instagram. After the media is published on Instagram, the data(number of likes, comments and engagements) related to the Instagram media is retrieved by the application.

The administrator backend facilitates all the administrator tasks including campaign/brand story management, user management, Content Approval/Rejection, Analytics Tracking, Payment for influencers and Influencers Management. It also acts as an API backend for the mobile application.

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