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Mindfire Solutions does NOT employ services of any external organization for our recruitment process, in any role at any stage. We do our OWN hiring COMPLETELY and nobody else - no placement consultant, no recruitment agent, no headhunting firm, no campus coordinator, nobody else at all - is involved in any way at all.

Please do not believe people making false promises to place you at Mindfire Solutions, or to get you an interview slot, or influence hiring in any way - and definitely do not pay anything for such claims. If you do believe and interact with them, it is at your own risk and loss. Mindfire Solutions is not responsible in any way for such interactions.


Ruby on Rails Developer

Key Role/Responsibilities/Needs:

  • Work with product owners, architects, developers, testers and other stake holders in the clients organization and in Mindfire to build and maintain software solutions
  • Get specifications/wire frames/ mock-ups and translate them into scalable, high performance, robust web app!
  • Responsible to write and maintain clean, well written code, as per the best practices.
  • Very comfortable with daily stand-up meetings with clients, update daily work progress via Project Management systems, voice/video calls, online collaboration using screen-sharing tools.
  • Exposure/experience in agile development practices

Desired Qualification, Skills and Experience:

Education: B.E. / B.Tech.

Mandatory Skills: 

  • Expert level skills in OOPS concepts
  • Excellent in Ruby 1.9x, 2.x, meta programming
  • Excellent knowledge of Rails 4.x or 5.x
  • Knowledge of Rails Engine
  • Full stack web development expertise (HTML, JavaScript, CSS/Less, JQuery/Angular/ExtJS/React/Vue..others)
  • Good experience with active account on Git, Github/Bitbucket or similar SCM tools
  • Excellent debugging and trouble shooting skills [Client side, Server side, Database]
  • Knowledge and skills in static code analysis and performance management tools [Client side, Server side, Database]
  • Databases: Expert level skills in one or more of MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Exposure to Release, Build Management, Deployment steps and methodologies

Nice to have Skills: 

MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, RSpec, Jasmine

Experience: 2-5 years


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