Intellectual Property

Pursuant to its research orientation, Mindfire has produced intellectual property for our clients and ourselves. Our own intellectual property is described here in short..

Document structure and automated linking

  • Status: US Patent applied in December 2002

    Mindfire built the AutoLinker tool and generated the ideas for the same. AutoLinker is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that scans PDF documents and automatically identifies candidates which need to linked. Examples being page numbers in Table Of Contents, Index, see chapter/section/table/figure references, goto-page references etc. It has a flexible customizable interface by which users can apply regular expression searches as candidates and what heuristics to apply with levels of confidence to identify candidates to be linked. The heuristics themselves are provided in a separate library which answer questions about strings on pages (ex. is the string part of body-text?) or page level queries (does the page have a figure?)..

 HTML Compare/ HTML Diff tool
  • Status: First version implemented

    Mindfire Solutions developed a HTML Compare tool in co-investment with our client: the client was interested in the feature for their product but wanted a lower cost impact. Mindfire developed the tool at a lower cost while retaining rights to the source code.

    HTML Compare tool is available for licensing and inclusion in other products. Java, C++ and COM component libraries are available, as also a stand-alone external executable. Platforms supported include Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

    Our HTML Compare tool has performed significantly better than other commercially available products, catching HTML changes in text and structure n-levels into the elements tree.

 Remote software development system: TeamTouch

  • Status: First version implemented

    Mindfire Solutions provides you unparalleled access into its development life-cycle through a unique toolset: TeamTouch. TeamTouch allows you to monitor and control remote software development projects. The combination of tools provides generic collaboration (intranet/extranet) and functionality specific to software development scenarios. You can reach out and touch your team: anytime, anywhere!

    TeamTouch includes many unique features specifically developed to streamline remote software development and distributed teams. For example, a unique Remote code review feature allows team members to review code while sitting afar, and the code is thrown back to the author with review comments intact.

News & Updates

  • May 14

    We are now ISTQB – Gold Partner

  • March 14

    Mindfire Solutions successfully conducted DDM IT Quiz 2014

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