Software Development Methodology

Our methodology is based on industry practices, tempered with the knowledge gathered from multiple experiences.

Standard methodologies lack in catering to specific out-sourcing model of development, and more so for remote development. A software engineering delivery engine like Mindfire, based on remote development, needs to attack these factors to ensure project success.

Our methodology embodies these remote development project principles:

  • Early UI delivery
  • Frequent client feedback
  • Live project monitoring
  • Parallel quality management
  • Clear communication schedule
  • Clear responsibility, point-of-contact
  • Reasonable flexibility
  • Environment/usage scenario duplication

We also religiously follow these programming principles:

  • Daily builds and smoke tests
  • Coding discipline document (including code conventions)
  • Configuration management
  • Regular code reviews and walk-throughs
  • Algorithm reviews

We speak your language when it comes to core software engineering:

  • Rational Unified Process
  • Incremental Spiral Development
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework
  • System Development Life Cycle

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  • December 16

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