As an expanding software and IT organization, we believe in a set of basic principles to maintain sanity during the blistering pace. These are our values, approach, process and expertise.


  • Values: foundation for our business
    We live by our values. Strong management commitment and uniform application ensures that these values translate into daily work practices. We believe in integrity, commitment, dedication and transparence in all our client dealings. Each project, each client, deserves utmost attention and complete guarantee.

  • Approach: atmosphere for our business
    We take pride in our approach. We are professional, positive, creative and energetic. We look beyond just the next client payment date, contributing to the long run. We take a holistic and win-for-all view of our clients' and our own business. Our clients' deadlines are our deadlines, and their successes are our successes..

  • Process: thriving on order
    We believe that while software can thrive on chaos, it's not a sustainable model, nor is it scalable. To grow and maintain a software organization at peak efficiency needs the discipline of process-driven work. Each project follows a specific pattern suited to the deliverables outlined. Tasks and targets are decided and communicated, monitored and controlled. Global development best practices are incorporated into each job we undertake..

  • Expertise: core ability in our business
    For our clients to derive business benefit from our relationship, this is what we bring to the table. Expertise in our area helps us contribute faster, and better. We employ a mix of people to create the right combination of experience and energy, expertise and excitement, mind and fire. And in a process-driven organization, it is expertise that allows employees to display their wizardry!

News & Updates

  • March 14

    Mindfire Solutions successfully conducted DDM IT Quiz 2014

  • November 13

    Mindfire awarded D&B Fastest Growing SME 2013 Award

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