Our business relationship can take various forms, from Project Success Relationship to Out-sourcing Partnership.

Strategic India Partner
As Strategic India Partner for software product organizations, our relationship becomes a true Business Alliance. An off-shore partnership is a strategic resource for leveraging across the functions within your company. We can play roles in cutting costs, increasing revenue, cutting time-to-market and increasing quality: everything that is required for business success.

Project Success Relationship
You may have certain development needs as a project. The final target is well-understood, and somewhat well-defined. Picking up from there, Mindfire will go on to execute the project, making technology decisions and software design along the way. With professional programming practices, your project is also forced through our Central QA/Testing resources. Finally, we provide free Project Archival/Support for 6 months from delivery!

Sub-contracting partner
As a software engineering powerhouse, our primary objective is to provide development skills to other software development companies. You have the skills in client relationship and business system study. We have the people and infrastructure to deliver projects at low costs. In sub-contracting relationships, the final client is usually unaware of Mindfire's role in the development process, and Mindfire is also not involved in that part of the pricing/billing.

Out-sourcing partner
For IT departments and software product companies, we are ideal out-sourcing partners. Application development and maintenance, or new product releases, are developed through our software skills. We work on entire systems or sub-systems, and often this relationship takes a closer day-to-day form with co-development.

Remote Software Factory
Large technology companies or businesses may wish to have dedicated software factories in India, serving their needs solely. Such factory may be provided by Mindfire. You will have control over facilities, security, recruitment and even employee agreements. People and property remains that of Mindfire, and Mindfire handles all business/legal issues. You get, without start-up investment and operational hold-ups, a dedicated factory. In return, we will want you to commit a minimum level of business for a minimum period.

On-demand Remote Staff Augmentation
In such a relationship, Mindfire is the "cushion" for the client's development resource needs. As business level and people requirement varies, you have a virtual scalable arm to fall back on. Essentially, it's an on-demand team available guaranteed for you. A long-term relationship and multiple projects result.

We have strategic tie-ups with marketing companies to provide us customer leads and projects. This relationship usually has percentage-based commissions for the marketing partner. Mindfire deals with the client directly after project initiation, and billing goes directly to clients..

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  • March 14

    Mindfire Solutions successfully conducted DDM IT Quiz 2014

  • November 13

    Mindfire awarded D&B Fastest Growing SME 2013 Award

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