Auto Logout Servoy Extension

Most of the time users leave the Servoy client idle. And it holds one Servoy license unnecessarily. Also it can be a security issue to leave one client unattended or idle. Somebody else can access the system in the absence of the genuine user and perform some illegal operations. And importantly, the Servoy client will keep holding the Server resources without any reason.

So to overcome this situation we have developed one extension for Servoy web client, which checks the client idle duration and logout the client after some predefined idle time. That is the main concept of AutoLogout extension. This extensions checks the idle time and if the idle time exceeds the predefined idle time, then it shows a popup dialog with some message to force logout. The popup window stays for predefined customizable time duration and after that logout the client. In the meantime user can click on the continue button or click outside the popup to continue in the current session.

Auto Logout Servoy Extension


Salient Features of  Auto Logout Servoy Extension:

  • Helps in proper use of Servoy License by logging out idle clients.
  • Makes the application secure by logging out unattended client session after stipulated time.
  • Fully customizable idle time configuration.
  • Warning time before logout can be configured.
  • Customized dialog messages.
  • Warning dialog size can be customized.
  • Style sheet driven styling created the style on the go, which can be customized.
  • Cool UI.

Note: User credential used in the sample solution is admin/admin. You can also create and use your own user credentials.


The Auto Logout Servoy Extension is FREE.

Compatibility and Specification:
  • Servoy 7.4.1
  • Tested on Firefox, Chrome and IE
  • Compatible with only Servoy Webclient
Additional Requirement:
  • Requires Servoy Webclient utility plugin.
  • Requires bootstrap js. (Ported with sample solution. Check media section.) This is a lower version of
  • Bootstrap plugin. Because the higher version is not compatible with the JQuery plugin which comes with Servoy 7.4.1


Please click here to use Auto Logout Servoy Extension
Please click here to download User Guide document
Please click here to visit the Demo video

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