How to integrate Windows Live ID and OpenID in your DotNetNuke website


DotNetNuke provides support for Live Id and OpenId authentication system from version 4.6.0 onwards. This feature allows a visitor to surf and do their own activity in DotNetNuke site using Live Id and OpenID credentials. The best part of DotNetNuke is that, it is very easy to set-up Live Id and OpenID in DNN website. Before I discuss on how to set up Live Id and OpenID, Let me explain some basic information about the both.

Windows Live Id:
 Windows live Id is better know as Microsoft passport and it is being used by and Hotmail for many years. It is the single UserId and Password combination provided by Microsoft through which user can login multiple site. These user can visit any site which is Windows Live Id enabled.

Get Application Id and Secret Key:
 We require these information before we set up Live Id in DNN website. To get Application Id and Secret Key you need to register your site at ( You need to follow few easy steps to get these ids. Once you get these id and secret key, you are ready to setup Live Id on your DNN website.

OpenId is decentralized standard for authenticating users, the user does need to remember his/her typical credential like UserId and Password because OpenID has access control which allows users to login to different system with the same identity. The only thing user needs to remember is the “identity provider” which user got at the time of registeration.

Steps to enable Live Id and OpenId in DotNetNuke:
To activate Windows Live Id and OpenId service in your DNN website is very easy. Follow the steps below to do it yourself.


    1. Login to your site as Host or Administrator.
    2. Click on Authentication link under admin menu
    3. Then you can see the below screen. Under 'Windows Live ID Settings' you can find following options


Enabled? : Check the box captioned to enable the Live Id

Application ID: This is the application id you must got while you register your site under Fill-up this box with the same

Secret Key: This is the Secret Key bow. Fill this with the secret key you got after registering your site under

Include Help: This will show some help text to your users   


  4. Under the OpenID Section you should see the following screen. Follow the instructions below it to set value of each field.



Enabled?: Check on this option to enable the OpenId authentication.

Use Compatibility Mode?: If it is checked on OpenId 1.1 will be used instead of 2.0

Include Example URL?: Checked ON to provide your users to give example URL

Include Help?: Check it ON, This will show some help text to your users.

Include Register?: If it is checked ON the it will provide a link to "Get an OpenId". Make it ON.

Include Profile? : If checked ON the it will retrieve profile information of user via OpenId standards. Make it ON

Auto Register?: If checked ON users that login with OpenId will automatically be registered on the site.

 5. Save the settings by clicking “Update Settings”.

Now you can logout of the Host/ Administration login and you can find the Live ID and OpenID is enabled in the login screen, as shown below


As demonstrated, this feature is very easy to integrate, but the users must have their own Live Id and OpenID to access your site. If they do not have Live Id they can visit and can create one and can also login to get a OpenID login for themselves.


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