Using DotNetNuke Version 5.4.1 Web Application Project Module



In DotNetNuke, module can be developed into two models:

I - Web Application Project (WAP)

II - Web Site Project (WSP)

 Web Application Project module can be packaged with and without source code very easily or can be deployed very easily, whereas if you want to package Website Project module without source code you may need to convert the WSP module to WAP module first.

 Steps to create a HelloWorld Web Application Project Module: 

  1. From Menu bar of Visual Web Developer Express select File → New Project. Then, in New Project dialog box select Visual C# or Visual Basic then select Web, select DotNetNuke Compiled Module. Give file name as HelloWorld and location path as the path of DesktopModules present inside the DotNetNuke site folder. And uncheck the create directory for solution. Then click OK.

  2. Then 3 control files are automatically gets created for view, edit and setting also Components and reference folder gets created. In Components folder DataProvider file present for database activity also controller and other files present for different purposes. Then you need to right click on HelloWorld Project go to properties.
  3. dnnwap2

  4. In Application tab you can give Assembly name and namespace and select dot net framework. Here I have not make any changes keep as it is But you can change as per your requirement.

  5. In click on Build → Build HelloWorld to see whether it is succeeded or not, project getting all dll references for compiling the project.

  6. ViewHelloWorld.aspx file already there are some tags that automatically get created at the time of creation. You may delete those and also need to delete related codes from code behind file or you can modify as per your requirements. Here I just added an sp label at last to display Hello World which will be displayed when module gets added to the DNN site.

  7. Then click on Build → Build Hello World to compile project.
  8. Then login to your DNN site as host in order to add this module.
  9. Click On Host -> Module Definition, Then select Create New Module link present in right bottom.

  10. In Create New Module window select Manifest in Create Module From dropdown, select HelloWorld in Module Folder drop down then select HelloWorld.dnn in Resource dropdown field. Click on Create Module link.

  11. Then Go to Host → SQL

  12. Then click on Browse button select file “01.00.00.SqlDataProvider” present inside DesktopModules/HelloWorld folder which is automatically created. This file contains some stored procedure and table creation SQL commands that needs to be executed to create those tables and stored procedures at the time of module installation. After selecting SQLProvider file click on Load link. Then select Run as Script check box and click on Execute. Then it will show as “Query executed successfully as displayed in below screen shot.


  13. Create a new page as Hello World then select the Hello World module from control pane and add module to the page.

  14. Then the Hello World will be displayed in page. If Administrator can view as message will displayed then goes to the Module settings then uncheck Inherit View permissions from Page option, select All Users for view module and update. Then module will be viewed as follows:

  15. Then if you want to create package of HelloWorld module then go to Host -> Module Definition. Select HelloWorld Module from list. Then click on Create Package link present in bottom of page.
    It will show an check box option to include source code in package or not then just click on Next and follow the wizard it will automatically create the package inside Install/Module folder present inside your DotNetNuke site folder.



- Sibabrata Dash
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