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This conference is the best place to hear from both Microsoft and independent industry experts. Platform to network with your peers and industry experts. There were pre-conference and post-conference workshops those were structured to enhance what one learns from the conference.Meet our people as they share their experience here.



HimanshuThis is Himanshu Shekhar Sahu. I have been working in Mindfire Solutions for last six years. I have been working in .NET Technologies(ASP.NET 1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, C#( All versions), EF, IIS). I spend most of the time in gathering knowledge on latest technologies, have a passion to work on some challenging environment, still waiting for that!!! :). Mindfire is surely a good place to work. The most important thing one can get from here is the opportunity to learn. Also a good place to explore oneself, freedom in work.

I attended the DevConn 2012 @LasVegas.Great experience!!I personally met Juval Lowy, Julie Lerman, Scott Allen, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Christian Wenz, Kathleen Dollard and many others. It was a great opportunity and experience to discuss with them directly. I attended Pre-Conference workshop on THE ARCHITECTURE CLINIC, Juvaal Lowy (IDEISGN, INC.). It was good learning experience about architecture bestpractices, guidelines and pitfalls. Really a good learning sessions for me. Also I attended the Post-Conference on ENTITY FRAMEWORK IN THE ENTERPRISE, Julie Lerman(THE DATA FARM). It was a good learning session with hands on practical labs. Also discussed with her on approaches we are implementing in our project etc. She was very pleased in our high level coding practice and approach we are implementing in our projects. She agreed with our approach on EF. Apart from this, I attended sessions on Azure, Code First and EF, WebAPI, ASP.NET Internal Architecture, Model Binding in MVC and many others. The real advantage of the conference was that a common platform was provided meet all professionals and interact with each other.

In the initial project team meetings with the client, when we discuss about project architecture, technology usage etc., and when we recommend some new and appropriate solutions, they feel confident on us and the recommended solutions. Also this installs good faith of them in our team to carry out the projects. It’s being attendance of these conferences and training that has helped me to achieve this.


ShrikantI am Shrikant Dhar Dwivedi and working with Mindfire Solutions for last 4 years in .NET technology. Apart from coding I love different types of food as well as traveling different places.

Attending DevConn was a great experience. I got several new concepts regarding new technologies like Single Page Application, speeding asp.net application and so on. There were several good speakers like Brent Ozar the SQL expert and it was great to listen to them. Apart from this I met people from different parts of the world like Unus Kammu(.Net technologies expert) from Quatar. We discussed about the working culture etc. He described on how the government and people of gulf countries rely on Microsoft technologies.

The top learning sessions for me were Speeding up ASP.NET application, How to make query faster , Best Practices for Estimating your project, Browser compatibility testing & HTML5 etc. Lastly the city LasVegas itself is a very fun loving city...nobody can escape from the magic of this city.

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