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  • Comprehensive EMR System
  • Mobile web version of EMR for tablets
  • 3D Resourcing
  • CF-305 Mobile Testing
  • Home Owner's insurance application

Comprehensive EMR System

Healthcare Service
Healthcare Service
ASP.NET 4.0, C#. 4.0, HL-7, HIPAA, Manual Testing

This is a web-based EMR application which provides a comprehensive solution to a physician's needs. The medical application is HIPAA compliant and integrates with a complete PMS system, DMS system, LIMS System, Data Integration System, Online Pharmacy Ordering, and many other support systems that an EMR would require to interact with. The healthcare application has covered many EMR functionalities  driven by different modules such as,

1. Patient dashboard, which lists all vital information like demographics, active medical problems, current medications etc.
2. History of Present Illness
3. Vitals and Current Medications
4. Allergies
5. Past History
6. Comprehensive Women's health module
7. Men's Screening
8. Complete Pediatric History module
9. Impression/Diagnosis
10. Office Forms
11. Formulary
12.Alerting System

We have manually tested all EMR modules this medical application has in terms of performance testing, security testing and database testing. We have tested this application in cross-platforms scenarios to supports desktops, Tablet PCs, Palmtops and other Handhelds. We have automated few modules by using an automation Tool (QTP), starting from patient dashboards to creating  the VISIT reports. We helped the client in attaining the CCHIT certification and MU[Meaningful Use] by implementing/changing the modules to meet these certification requirements.We also collaborated with Surescripts and eRxHUB for getting the EMR e-prescribing compliant and Formulary for better and effective patient care.

Mobile web version of EMR for tablets

Healthcare Service Provider
Healthcare Service
ASP.NET 4.0, C#. 4.0,WCF 4.0, COM, HL-7, HIPAA, IOS 4.3.5, Manua;l Testing

It is a small prototype/version of a web-based EMR application which can be accessed via tablets for sending out e-prescriptions during urgency. This medical application has limited features but helps physicians to provide better care on the go.

It consists of basic modules like medications, allergies and pharmacy using which a physician can e-prescribe medications to patients on the move. The application covers all Drug-Drug ,Drug-Allergy Interactions. Allergies are based on First Data bank with a built-in Drug-Allergy module that warns users of any potential Drug-Allergy issue when prescribing medications. The testing services we provided included Smoke, Functional, UI, Usability, Security and compatibility across major browsers and platforms. This application is thoroughly tested in the Tablets which helps physicians to use this medical application from anywhere.

3D Resourcing

IT Services and Consultants
IT solutions and Mobile Development
Ipod 5.1, Manual Testing

We have tested the application on Ipod 5.1. The scope of the application was very small but in regards to functionality, we have performed Funtional and Usability testing for all the updates required by the client. Further, with reference to the website provided by the client we also need to make sure that the data should work similar to the website.

Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it get delivered. The approach to testing was manual.

CF-305 Mobile Testing

IT Solutions and Mobile Development
Cold Fusion, CMS, Iphone, Manual Testing

CF-305 a Library management system and the testing has been done which includes Functional, UI and Regression of all the parts. To perform testing we have also created the Test Cases of various module. Along with this couple of discussion has been done on the bugs with the developer/Lead. We have also suggested couple of functional enhancements while testing the application.

Mindfire ISTQB certified QA engineers test this application and follow complete bug life cycle before it get delivered. The approach to testing was manual.

Home Owner's insurance application

A leading Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance solutions provider
Manual Testing Techniques

The product is a Home owner's insurance application to be used by insurance agencies in USA. It is designed to protect company, individual or other entity in-case of unexpected loss in property. The product was customized to cater to each agency's needs. Mindfire managed system testing for 6 such flavors of the main application.

Our testers meticulously designed and executed test cases in various modules like - Quotes and premium, claims, renewals, reports, agency fees, payments installments etc. Prior domain knowledge in testing Insurance products was helpful in creating user stories and work-flow based test cases. Clients trained the testers via product demos on any new modules that were unique to their product. Our testing team of 3 testers were involved in functional and regression tests,  creating and managing test cases and taking active part in sprint cycles at client end.

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