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Executive Summary

E Transport SystemLet’s imagine a case wherein you have an urgency to relocate a patient from one hospital to another. You inquired with each and every transport provider in town but, alas you could not find anyone for the job. Think how helpless you would feel! To avoid such critical situations for users, one of our clients in the USA had an application which manages records of various transport providers across towns/states stored in a database. They could arrange transport providers for patients according to the availability of the provider and the preference of the user. Due to certain inconvenience, the client aimed at enhancing the features and functionalities of its existing application to better manage patient’s transport between different transport companies. The application to be developed required certain technical improvements to be implemented in order to effectively manage patient transport request. The client, with its objective in mind, approached Mindfire Solutions and briefed them about the existing case. Our team had a series of brainstorming sessions, in-depth analysis of their requirement and then proposed a set of development phase to follow to develop the application.

About our Client

Client Healthcare Service Provider | Location USA | Industry Healthcare

Business Situation

Our client who is into Healthcare service sector was in search of an offshore partner who could take responsibility to implement new features and functionalities to their existing system in order to have a better managed application in place. Their existing application served users to overcome the hassles of searching for an appropriate transport company. Their requirement was as follows:

  • The application to provide a better way of managing patient's transport between different transport companies operating in different states of USA who have their contact information registered in database.
  • Each transport company may have request for a transport service and can also provide transport service based on the availability.
  • The patient transport request to be used for creating and assigning orders for transport provider.
  • In the other hand patient transport service provider can be used by the referred transport provider, to schedule the transports for patients assigned to them.
  • One transport service provider company people can log into the application and can create a transport order for patients on behalf of transport providers assigned. After creating transport order for patients, user can send the required documents for referred transport provider. User can get all the status of the transport form the application.
  • Users can use the application provider and request of the referred transport provider. User can schedule the transports in advance on behalf of the referred transport provider which will notify the referred transport provider.

They required a three way communication process between who provides the service, who uses the service and who orders the service mutually.


ColdFusion MX 7.0.2, JavaScript, AJAX, Oracle 10g, Light Box, YUI

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