Implementing 'Google API, RETS API, ZILLOW API, EDUCATION API in a single application


From the last few months I am working on an API Integration project. It is basically a Real Estate Project and the APIs that I have used are::

  • ZILLOW for getting the Real Estate database of US,

  • EDUCATION .com for getting the school information of any locality in US


  • RETS

RETS is the Real Estate Transaction Standard which is set of rules for accessing all the available properties in US. So here are some tips I wish to share.

First I want to discuss the GOOGLE API V3 because there are many projects where one can implement this to get a good look and feel. It is becoming one of the most popular services and most developers use it, whether in a blog,a real estate site or a tourism site. The Reference guide is


Everything you need is probably there in the documentation, but I am still going to throw some light on it help get a head start. The first thing to do is to include the API in your code. This can be achieved by including the following lines in the header of your code :- ( No need of any API Key )

<script type = "text/javascript" src = ""> </script>


Then one has to create the Google map at the page on load event otherwise the map won't be created. You have to specify the latitude and longitude of a particular area to define the center of the map. The whole reference regarding this can be found here:


Also there are some dummy examples available for reference which will help a lot. More examples can be found here


You can make marker on map, can open an information window when clicked on marker and also customize the marker. A lot of other functionalities are there for you to explore. Another thing is to make the page load faster when a lot of markers are present, otherwise it will take a lot of time and sometimes result in non-responding browser. That's why one needs to use Marker Cluster. What it does is it makes cluster head by adding some markers present in a specific radius. One can can view the marker individually when zoom level exceeds beyond the min specified zoom level. There are also dummy examples present in Google API demo gallery. The link to the Marker Clusterer detail is:- . The best one is " MarkerClusterer ". Here I just want you to look at an image that I have created using Google Map and Marker Clusterer. One can achieve much more than this if he/she wants to. Here is how it looks.


The next API is ZILLOW REAL ESTATE API which is required to get the properties details of any area in US and also some other details like mortgage details etc. For implementing this, one has to register in and get the ZWSID to get access to the API. The details of the API are available at . There are also instruction available to implement ZILLOW API. One important thing is one can get the response in many formats but i think XML is the easiest one to understand using PHP - CURL ( ) function. In order to use CURL() successfully you have to activate the CURL in PHP.ini file. The most important API in zillow is GetRegionPostings API because by using this one can search for all property present in a specified city/state/zipcode. There are also other interesting API available in the above specified link. An example of the url to get the XML is :-"ZILLOW_API_KEY"&rental=true&citystatezip

The next API is EDUCATION API which is required to get the school details of a single area. You also need a key to access this api and for that you have to register in Here the response is a PHP multi dimensional array in serialize format and to get the real data we have to make it unserialize


( You can check the same in . You can also specify an area within a radius from a specific point to search for the schools. There are also many options with details which will be available when you once login and get the api key. An example is:-
latitude="LATITUDE" .

 The last one is RETS ( REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION STANDARD ). It is a very important and interesting one. These are the set of rules that every land owner or broker have to obey. This is a database where every property is registered. Every details of a property is there. A property listed by one broker can be sold by another one and for that he/she can get a fair amount of share ( money ). So they work as a team and help one another. From a developer point of view, one can get the accurate and every details of a property he/she wants to by this API. You just need to log-in in certification.rets.orgYou can get the details about how to use it in

  So this is all. Hope this small write-up helps you to get started.


Sambit Kumar Mishra

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