Mindfire Solutions has rich experience in developing applications for the Insurance industry. We describe some of these project development experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Life Commission Scheme
  • Web Application for sharing documents
  • Patient/Policy Document Management

Life Commission Scheme

A Leading Insurance Company
Insurance Group
.Net 2.0 framework, ASP/VB .NET,Crystal Reports 10, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005

As per the new commission scheme, some existing commission calculations have been modified and some new commission calculations have been introduced. Also the old bonus scheme has been replaced with the new bonus scheme. The statements as well as the PDF's containing the agents commission have been modified. Also the finance calculation has been modified for the above changes. Stored procedures have been implemented for pulling the data & saving the data into the database.

Web Application for sharing documents

Insurance Provider
FIleMaker Pro 10 Advanced, FileMaker Server 10, PHP, MYSQL

A web application was developed which enables a secure way to share documents (generated from FileMaker application) between multiple providers for download.

Following functionalities were implemented:

Functionality of the Website:

1. Secure login page.

2. Change password page (applicable for the first login).

3. Page with the list of files associated with the logged-in user.

4. Detail page for the File along with related information and Download link.

5. Pages for transferring data from FileMaker to MYSQL.


1. Scripts to invoke data transfer between FileMaker and MYSQL using TROI URL Plug-in.

2. Change the email with the updated URL (without the username and password, if they have a active login).

Patient/Policy Document Management

Insurance Provider
Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced, FileMaker Server 9, SQL Server 2005

In this project we have developed an application which takes data related to policies manually and process them. We have implemented the following functionalities to add policies and its related information locally:

1. Created new layouts for adding new policy then arrange all policy information's in a tab for viewing purpose.

2. Created new layouts for adding new agent company then arrange all agent information's in a tab for viewing purpose.

3. Allow the user to add multiple PDF files as the reference to that policy.

4. Allow user to zip selected PDF files and upload to the FTP server.

5. Added different conditions for the policy processing.

6. Modified all the list layouts.

7. Added different reports.

8. Added search functionalities at various layouts.

9. Added a desk top start up file which is used to log in into the remote application.

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