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Our medical billing solutions are primarily aimed at avoiding error rates & improving the claim-ratio. It enables the users to exercise better control over their revenue cycles & accounts receivables.


Why us ?

We rely on our strong understanding of healthcare workflows to build robust and secure systems which are HIPAA & ICD-10 compliant. We can be your software development partner if:

  • you are a provider looking for an in-house software to gain better control over your billing cycle
  • want to replace an outdated system or upgrade it
  • you are a specialist with specific functional requirements to meet
  • you are a third-party service provider

Based upon your need, solutions offered can be either on-premise or web-based. They can also be stand-one or integrated with your Practice Management and/or EHR systems.




Our solutions will enable you to overcome your billing challenges and perform your tasks with outmost accuracy & efficiency. Features we offer in our solutions include the following:

  • online eligibility verification
  • billing and code processing
  • secure storage & transmission of sensitive data
  • advanced reporting capability
  • financial management capabilities
  • support for ICD-10







We have the ability to customize and scale our medical billing solutions to meet the customers’ requirements. Some of the benefits they manage to draw include the following:

  • avoid errors
  • improve accuracy of filings
  • increase practice efficiency
  • minimize data security risks
  • better manage revenue cycles
  • increase profitability 



Need Medical Billing Developers? 

If you need to hire healthcare software developers/consultants for your next project or want to outsource Medical Billing Software Development tasks on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore development team, get in touch with Mindfire today. We work across all major software platforms.

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Mindfire has enabled us to reduce costs and increase productivity. The team we have provides fast and reliable development support. We are very happy with the level of service from Mindfire." - Ken Morency, IceFire Studios Corp.

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