SharePoint 2010 RSSFeedsWebPart

RSSFeedsWebpart is a simple webpart that allows user to enter RSS url from different sources into a list and display corresponding feeds available in that specific source feed url. User or administrator can enter any number of RSS url of their choice in the default list FeedDetailsConfigure that is created when the webpart feature gets activated. For each RSS url present in the FeedDetailsConfigure list, corresponding feeds are stored in another list FeedDetailsInfo which also gets created at the time of activating RSSFeedsWebpart feature.

The primary advantage of this webpart is, user or administrator can enter any number of RSS url and the corresponding feeds are displayed in a single webpart. We can also say this webpart as a News Feed Webpart.

SharePoint 2010 RSSFeedsWebPart

A timer job is run on the web application level to fetch feeds from the RSS url present in the list 'FeedsDetailConfigure' in regular interval of time.Timer job is automatically get activated at the time of deploying solution in the respective server.

Once the solution is deployed, it will add the following components into the SharePoint Environment.

1. RSSFeedsWebPart
2. FeedDetailsConfigure List
3. FeedDetailsInfo list
4. RSSFeedsTimerJob

System Requirement
  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation.
  • Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 or higher versions.
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 (For best view IE 9).
Some salient Feature of RSSFeedsWebpart
  • WebPart can be inserted to any of the subsite or a page of a specific sitecollection.
  • Admin or user can insert RSS url’s in the default list FeedDetailsConfigure that is created at the time of activating feature.
  • Based on the feeds available on the FeedDetailsInfo list, webpart will populate all the feed details.
  • Support of multiple RSS url’s.
  • Feeds are displayed in a single webpart.
  • Availability of filter option.
  • WebPart also includes a timer job named RSSFeedsTimerJob which populates the feeds in the list FeedDetailsInfo  based on the RSS URLs present on FeedDetailsConfigure.
  • Admin can manually set timer job according to requirement.

The RSSFeedsWebpart is FREE.

  • Supports multiple RSS url’s
  • User or Administrator can enter multiple RSS url‘s as feeds source, and the corresponding feeds are displayed in a single webpart.


Please click here to download RSSFeedsWebpart
Please click here to download User Guide document

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