Word 2003 Redirector


 Word2003Redirector is a plug-in for Microsoft Word 2003 that bypasses the normal file saving / opening of Word application and saves files directly in to a centralized SQL Server database as well as allows user to retrieve files from the database.

 Once installed, this plug-in starts automatically and replaces the file save and open icons on both menu bar and command bar with new icons. While saving a file, the file save dialog allows user to provide a file name and the file content is serialized and saved into database. Similarly, on open command, the file open dialog populates a list of files already saved into database and the selected file is retrieved from database, de-serialized and opened up.

Mfs Word Plugin Overview

  •  This  plug-in application  serializes and de-serializes files content during file save and open operation
  • This plug-in also it restricts the auto save functionality of MS Word; hence files are never saved into local file system
  • The most important feature of this plug-in is, it does all the file open and save operation in main memory and never uses the local file system.

 This plug-in application is logically divided into two parts:
        1. The plug-in itself
        2. An external helper DLL

Plug-in features and functionalities:

  • The plug-in traps the file open and save commands of MS Word and prevents the normal file open and save operations.
  • During file saving, serializes the file contents into a memory location and hands over the serialized file content into the external helper DLL to save it into database.
  • During file opening, requests the external DLL to get the file contents and opens up the file as received from the external DLL
  • No database operation is done. It merely uses the external DLL for actual open and save operations.

External Helper DLL functionalities:

  • The external DLL exposes the Open and Save functions for the plug-in
  • Saves serialized data into database
  • Retrieve data from database and de-serializes the file contents


Mfs Word Plugin Architecture


Scalability :
    This loosely-coupled architecture helps separating the MS Word specific operations and the database interaction into two different units which ensures  scalability (modifications can be done / functionalities can be added to the external library to encrypt / decrypt, compress / decompress without changing anything on the plug-in code).

Security :
    The plug-in does all the file open and save operations in main memory and never uses the local file system. Hence this can be used in situation where any storage on local disk is to be avoided and to deal with sensitive and confidential data (in health-care, insurance, financial services etc.)

Operation in detail:
Mfs Word Plugin Operation

     We may complicate our plug-in later and have flags that can be set in it by external DLL that would make the add-in block Copy-paste, or printing, or whatever other security is required.


  • Ms Word 2003
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • VSTO 2.0
  • Primary Interop Assembly for Office 2003

How to use this plug-in:
     Download the "Plugin.zip", extract it and follow the "readme.txt"

    To download plug-in, click here.
    To watch a demonstration video, click here.
    To download the documentation, click here.

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