What Matters Most: "Established 1999"

Mindfire Solutions started in October of 1999, with the purpose of providing expert software services globally, and has steadily grown to its 1000-seat facilities at 2 engineering centers.

In its heart and soul, Mindfire is a software service provider, with unrelenting focus on small-team offshore software development using Agile methods for distributed teams, all amid a unique Mindfire culture.
We are clear in our vision of building a software engineering powerhouse, and we do not spend time and energy in activities which are not our core competence.

Our vision is "to be a globally respected, professional and innovative software services and technology company".

Our mission statement reinforces our vision: "Imagine. Think. Plan. Act. Deliver. Improve.".
During past 20 years, we have successfully delivered 2000+ engagements with 500+ clients.

A Short History of Time

Soon after we started in 1999, there was the huge hullabaloo of Y2K which fizzled out. We got a few projects and worked diligently, taking each day as it came while keeping an eye on the future.
Then the dot-com bust and 9/11 happened. The IT/software industry in India saw massive slowdown, and a number of companies shut down. We trudged on.
We stabilized and started growing in the mid-2000s again. Having survived the early-2000 downturn, we were determined to not let future events affect us. When the 2009 recession hit, we came through unscathed.
From a position of doing anything we came across (could start-ups be choosers?), we changed course in 2013. We took a strong stand that we would engage only with quality clients, do quality work, and hire quality people.
Thus we stand here today, a focused group of dedicated people, an organization that proudly chose to stick to its knitting!

Some Spectacular Numbers

We have a few clients who have been working with us back from when we started (that's 20 years!), and a good number of clients who have worked with and loved us for more than 10 years!
We have worked with clients across generations. Seriously, some have spanned generations of a family!
A band of 10 people have been with Mindfire since the beginning! 10% of our people have been with us for more than 10 years! And 40% of our people have been at Mindfire for at least 5 years!
Oh, and about 10 couples found and married each other within Mindfire! Talk about varied kinds of success ;)
These are astounding numbers when you consider churn in tech - both clients and people change preferences as soon as something is anything less than ideal!
We must have done something right. Thank you.

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