Agile methods


We follow Agile methods in our work. This is blended with other principles and practices to make what we call our "Agile Cocktail".

The Spirit

Agile-SCRUM is our core method for software engineering. Since most of our work is on new software development in a fast-paced world with changing realities, we find Agile-SCRUM suitable.

We recognize and respect the Agile manifesto

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan. 

In addition, SCRUM introduces roles, rituals and artifacts that we have found useful to keep things clear, moving and clearly moving.

The Blend

At individual level, we follow the Personal Software Process (PSP) in all our work. Two specific principles of PSP - self-time-estimation and self-defect-analysis - are followed in addition to Agile-SCRUM. The PSP was developed by Watts Humphrey, creator of the SEI-CMM, based on lessons from CMM - as a way for real software engineering improvement to touch each and every engineer. We have found PSP leads to deeper understanding of work and quality, and there is significant gain due to its introspective principles. Plus, PSP blends smoothly with Agile-SCRUM.

The Twist

Some specific principles are relevant for Off-shore Small-team Software Development, but are not covered in Agile-SCRUM and PSP. These best-practices have been built as a Body of Knowledge by Mindfire over past dozen years, and are referred to as Mindfire Best Practices for Remote Development (MBPRD). MBPRD is that final twist of practical lessons drawn over the years, without which our clients would not get the magic of working with us.

So there it is - our very own Agile cocktail. The leading global methodology blended with the leading personal engineer process, with a twist of practical best practices learnt over dozen years. Feel free to take a sip. 


(also read about what we do and don't do, the flexible culture we have or the professionalism of our people - things which build the best in off-shore small-team software development)



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