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 Step-By-Step Guide for creating and managing Amazon ec2 instance


Hosting a .NET Application in a Web Farm |

This article gives a brief idea about Web Farm and its utility. Moreover, it focuses upon some important points one should remember while hosting .NET application in a Web Farm.

Sending HTML Mail with Embedded Image in .NET |

This article explains the classes which are useful in .NET for sending an HTML e-mail with an embedded image, attachments etc.

Debugging DLL Projects in Visual Studio 2005 |

This article explains the techniques used to Debug the DLL projects in Visual Studio 2005 with the help of sample application.

Working with Windows Service using Visual Studio 2005 |

This article describes how to implement setup, install and debug Windows Services with the help of snap-shots.

Saving Images and Binary Files to a Database with Delphi 2 |

This article explains how to save images and binary files to a database with Delphi 2..

Introducing Java Applets |

This article examines Java Applets with the help of examples..

Memory Leak Detection in C++ |

This article gives a brief idea about writing simple code to detect memory leakage in a program.

Saving Files to a Database using Delphi: Saving Bitmaps to a Database |

This article gives a brief overview of ADO components and demonstrates how to save images to Database in Delphi using these components and VLC Data-Aware components.

Introducing Java |

This article explains the basics of writing a program in Java along with meaning of the keywords used in Java programming language.

Creating CF Applications and Integrating a Smart Device Emulator with Delphi |

This article demonstrates how a Smart Device Emulator can be integrated with Delphi 2005/2006 IDE and how to create CF application in Delphi 2006.

Using Try and Finally to Help Prevent Memory Leaks During Dynamic Object Creation in Delphi|

This article explains how to use Try/Finally statement blocks to prevent memory leaks during dynamic object creation in Delphi.

Compression and Decompression of Files using Visual Basic 2005 |

This article explores the usage of GZipStream and DeflateStream class libraries in Visual Basic 2005 with the help of sample application.

CLR Triggers for SQL Server 2005 |

This article describes different types of triggers, more specially CLR triggers, and their uses.

Creating and Designing Report Using iReport- Part 1 |

This article demonstrates how to design and create reports and explains several features of iReport.

Creating Report Using JasperReports |

This article explains how to get started with JasperReports by creating a simple report in PDF and XLS format using a Servlet.

CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005 Using Visual Studio 2005 - Part 2 |

This article contains a step-by-step method of using Visual Studio for creating CLR based database objects.

Testing for SQL Injections |

This article describes common SQL Injections vulnerabilities in Web applications and provides guidelines on how to fix these weak points.

ILDASM and Obfuscation in .NET |

This article explains about ILDASM and Obfuscation for .NET developers.

Serialization in Database |

This article aims at throwing some light about the basics of serialization and its use in databases.

DLL Hell and Version Policy |

This article explains how developers using .NET can solve DLL Hell problems.

Dsn and Dsnless Connection- A brief discussion |

This article discusses two different ways of connecting Microsoft Access Database and PHP.

Exposed SQL Server Error Messages--Food for Hackers |

This article explains how vulnerable an exposed database messages from hacker's point of view and preventive measures to tackle it.

Debugging JavaScript in Visual Studio |

This article provides an insight into debugging JavaScript in Visual Studio.

CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005 |

This article discusses the integration of Common Language Runtime in .NET applications using SQL Server 2005.

Creating a Crosstabular Report |

This article focuses upon creating a Crosstabular Report in Filemaker. 

CodeSnip: How to Read/Write an Image to Database in Binary Format |

This article discusses about saving image files directly into the database using Visual Basic .NET and MS Access.

The art of Extreme Testing |

This article provides information about the art of Extreme Testing.

A Quick Overview of Software as a Service(Saas) |

This article discusses different Saas architectures and emerging best practices in developing Saas applications.

CodeSnip: Working with Images Using .NET |

This article examines how to work with images using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and SQL Server 2000 database.

Essence of Waterfall Model |

This article highlights the essence of Waterfall Model in software development.

A small relation of VFP COM Objects with ASP |

This article discusses about use of Visual FoxPro Com objects with ASP to develop  web applications.

Buffer Overflow |

This article explains about Buffer Overflow and how to prevent them.

Filemaker & XML |

This article provides an insight into the integration of xml in Filemaker.

How to test the Cookies |

This article provides information about testing the Cookies.

PHP Session |

This article discusses about PHP Session.

A little about Filemaker Globals |

This article gives a fundamental idea about Filemaker Globals.


This article provide a brief idea about harmful effects of Cross Site Scripting and it's remedy.

Building an Office COM Add-in Using Visual Studion .NET |

This article discusses how to build an Office COM add-in by using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

CodeSnip:How to Add Data / Values for Corresponding Entries in a Combo Box Using Visual Basic .NET |

This article provides solution for corresponding entries in a Combo Box using Visual Basic .NET

Create Files on the Fly in ColdFusion |

This article examines how to create files in Excel, Word and PDF format with the help of ColdFusion.

SImulation in Host-target Testing |

This article gives a brief  idea about simulation in Host-target Testing.

How to validate ASP.NET Pages |

This article discusses about validation of ASP.NET Pages.

Filemaker pro at a glance |

This article gives a brief outline about Filemaker pro.

Role Players of Bug Life Cycle |

This article focuses upon mode of communication between testers and developers.

Multithreading with an example of .NET Application |

This article discusses the basics of multithreading, its effectiveness over a single thread application. Moreover, it delves into multithreading application in a .NET project.

Working with DBISAM Using Microsoft .NET |

This article provides a brief overview about DBISAM and different ways by which we can interact with the database using Microsoft .NET

The P's and Q's of a Software Tester |

This article analyzes the essentiality of technical and interpersonal skills of a Software Tester.

Migrating Access Database to SQL Server |

In this article focuses upon process through which  MS Access Database gets Migrated to SQL Server.

MS Access To Dot Net Migrations |

The article demonstrates Migration technique from MS Access Database to .NET Technology.

Boxing and Unboxing in .NET |

The article deals with the basic idea of Boxing and Unboxing techniques in .NET Technology.

Localizing Web Applications : ASP.NET 2.0 |

In this article, we demonstrate how to localize web applications with ASP.NET 2.0. A sample application is taken through necessary steps to illustrate the process.

Working with Flash Remoting using .NET |

This article demonstrates the usage of Flash Remoting using .NET with an example to show how a Flash UI layer communicates to a .NET Application layer through Flash Remoting.

Macromedia Flash and VB |

This article focuses on an often-neglected but all-important aspect of any software application – the user interface. For years, desktop applications have had boring gray rectangular windows, buttons etc. Animation, multi-media, visual effects and custom elements were possible, but required large amount of custom programming. Even making a non-rectangular button would need good C++ skills. The web and its use of Flash change the equation. Web-based applications look far more attractive and user-friendly than comparable desktop application, but are easy to develop with Flash. In this article, we present ideas for using Flash inside VB applications, thus injecting new life into desktop software products.

Giving the Human Touch to Software |

Making too many assumptions about users' expectations and levels of competence can get software developers into a lot of trouble. Here, Yogita Sahoo tells her own story about designing an application for an industry she was deeply familiar with but that industry knowledge didn't keep her from making some big usability blunders.

The Fact Behind Figures | Paper for "Software Testing 2001"

Measurements are not to provide numbers but insight. Ingrid Bucher

One consistent problem with reports is that they are created, distributed and forgotten. That probably answers why most software professionals do not see value in creating reports. Reports are regarded as ornamental piece in most software organizations, which believe that their quality time should be devoted to real development and testing practices rather than producing reports to be stored in the project history documents. The attitude that, reports are more of a documentation issue than a necessity can be a direct bottleneck in the project management system.

In this paper, I will discuss the development and use of different reports that can serve as a test department's guide. The reports used in this paper were originally developed and used at Mindfire Solution's QA testing lab.

Testing the Bold and the Beautiful |

"During testing, testers mostly stress the 'Bold' part of the software and comfortably overlook the 'Beautiful' side. Beauty and functionality are treated as two extreme ends in software quality, where only one of the two can meet perfection at a given time. But the viewers of the famous soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful know very well that both are important." In this article, Yogita Sahoo explains why aesthetics are such an important contribution.

A Tester's Tips for Dealing with Developers |

Is the tester doing a good job or a bad job when she proves that the program is full of bugs? It's a bad job from some developers' points of view. Ridiculous as it seems, there are project managers blaming testers for the late shipment of a product and developers complaining (often jokingly) that "the testers are too tough on the program." Obviously, there is more to successful testing than bug counts. Here are some tips about how testers can build successful relationships with developers.

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Techies Paradise | Dataquest, India's leading IT print magazine

Technology-centric and powered by domain expertise, Mindfire has grown by exploring new dimensions. The print article is available here.

Mindfire adds value |

Mindfire Solutions has developed 'TeamTouch' targeted at substantial software outsourcing companies. The combination of tools provide generic collaboration of intranet and extranet and functionality specific to software development scenarios.

Mindfire - a Software saga | Business Standard

It has been a bumpy year for infotech companies. But Mindfire Solutions has prospered despite the turmoil all around. Slightly over one year ago Mindfire opened shop in a small one-room office with a staff of six. Today, there are 120 employees in a smart office and the company, which specialises in software development services, is thriving even though some of its clients are slowing down.

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