After having done a preliminary evaluation of ChatGPT, we decided to shortlist a few usage scenarios to implement. A set of contemporary programming languages were identified, and corresponding teams were formed to realize these usage scenarios independently. The intent of undertaking this exercise was to get a hands-on experience of exploring this AI model that has taken the world by storm.


The following technologies were used to realize the use cases. To get a quick preview, please click on a technology of your choice and watch a short video of the work done:

The Outcome

As a final deliverable, each team built a package for the corresponding technology. Anyone keen to leverage a package can integrate it into their application, and draw the benefits of having this powerful engine perform several pertinent tasks. Developer communities are likely to find these packages of significant value. For e.g. one can refer to the submission we have made for Claris FileMaker at the Claris Marketplace.


Need Assistance?

If you desire to integrate a package into your application, the team@Mindfire will be happy to oblige. Besides, if there is anything specific or more that you need, we will be happy to add more layers and perform the necessary customizations for you.