Mindfire has deep experience developing software applications for the construction industry. We describe some of these construction industry software project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Construction Management Software
  • Online Vendor/Sub-vendor Management System
  • Estimating System

Construction Management Software

Construction Company
Commercial Construction Industry
Windows 2003, Windows XP,,  Visual Studio .Net 2005, MySql 5.0, Exchange Server 2003/2007, Developer Express 7.2

This application implements the different phases of Construction process according to American Construction Industry standards, All phases of this system can be grouped into following sections i.e. Estimating, Project Management,Financial, Document management and Mail system. Estimating phases involved Estimates, Take off, Recapitulation, Summary and Buyout. ProjectManagement involved RFI, Submittals, Change Order(Owner & Subvendor).Each of these phases required complex UI structures, data grids and calculations for manipulating data at  the business logic and database level; saving and retrieving changes from the Database. The user friendly interfaces were implemented to increase productivity and efficiency making it easier to use complex UI structures. System also generated reports with financial data. The system security process enabled Users to use their Existing Active Directory (AD) structure or to use the custom Authentication system within the Application. The  mail system dealt with the Microsoft exchange server (2003/2007) integration, Each of the modules above were clearly divided, designed so as to ensure the smooth flow of the entire process. Performance is key issue as large no of users access the system and at the same time database is huge.

Mindfire was involved in understanding and implementing domain specific work process in to the application.Complete the Database design for the application and designing the architecture of the entire system.Active Directory Integration , Exchange Server 2003/2007 Integration were also two major parts of the project.Mindfire is also responsible for providing support and maintenance of the developed system.

Online Vendor/Sub-vendor Management System

Software Company
Asp.Net 2.0,C#.Net,IIS 6.0,SQL Server 2000 & Crystal Report 10.0.

This cutting-edge web application aids in managing the construction company's vendors / sub-vendors process efficiently. Beginning from inviting online bids from vendors to selecting a bid, Comparing bids, Awarding contract, Vendor Change Order management, Vendor Payments, Contact management, automated email management for inviting bids and integrated document management system are implemented features of this application. The dashboard was designed to handle quick and easy access to the critical parts of the application. The ease of Customized data generation for integrating into existing accounting system was another notable feature.Various reports related to the contract and subvendors could be pulled out based the requirements.

Estimating System

Software Company
C#.Net 2.0, SQL Server 2000 & & Crystal Report 10.0

This windows application used the Customized Cost and Works data for managing entire Estimating process for Construction according to the American Construction Standards. It supported different business models like General Contracting, Design Build Contracts, Agency construction management(CM) and At-risk CM using the standard estimate steps such as Estimate Creation (association of Crew i.e. Location wise labor, using analysis, material
and equipment support for the same), Data Entry, Take Off, Mark up value management, Recapitulation (Recap) with sub-vendor bid management and Summary of Recap section. The entire system was using a base system which required a careful implementation as flexibility was the core of the entire estimating system and at any moment the user was allowed to change the Crew and Cost groups associated. User can perform any kind add, modify and delete operation on the base system. System also generated critical reports and Gantt Charts (in some special cases). Integrating Role based security was another major challenge as the administrator was allowed to define and assign permissions at the runtime to the existing user groups.

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