Export a Catalog in Commerce Server CatalogManager

Export a Catalog in Commerce Server CatalogManager

The Catalogs in Commerce Server CatalogManager can be exported to an XML file if we need to move the Catalog to a different machine having CS installed.

 We can export the entire Catalog or specific products and categories have been added or modified from a specified date. The following steps can be followed for exporting a catalog from the Catalog Manager.

STEP – I(Open the CatalogManager):

 Start>All Programs>Commerce Server 2009>CatalogManager.

 STEP – II(Open the Catalog export Wizard):


STEP – III(Click Next on the Welcome page of CatalogExportWizard):


STEP – IV(Giving XML file location to save & choose ExportType, Language):



Here we can type or move to the location where we want to export the catalog XML file.

 Export Type:

  1. Full: Export the entire Catalog.

  2. Incremental: Export data based on a specified StartDate.

  3. Expression-based: Allow us to define the parts of the catalog to be exportwed by using the expressions.

We can select the start date of the incremental export from the drop-down calendar only if Incremental in the Export Type box is selected.

We can select the language in which we want to export the catalog.

This can be checked if advanced properties wizard needs to be filled out.

 STEP – V(Set the Advanced properties values):



  1. All: Export all catalog schemas and data.

  2. None: Export data only.

  3. Relevant. Export only those schemas and the data that are used in the catalog that we are exporting.

Export Deleted Items:

Check to export deleted categories, products, or product variants.

Export Blank Values:

Check to export properties having blank values.

Export CatalogSets:

Check to export the Catalog Sets also.

After selecting the required options click Next to go for the next page.

STEP – VI(Set the Advanced properties values):


On the Advanced Export Properties page, we can select the properties we want to export from the product catalog, and then click Next.

STEP – VII(Confirm the export properties and complete the Export Product Catalog Wizard):


Here click the Create button after confirm to export the Catalog.


Now at last click on the Finish button to end the export operation and the CatalogExport Wizard will be closed. We can get the XML generated for the Catalog we mentioned at the specified path.

 We can see the status of the export of the Catalog in percentage value by clicking on the Status option present at the TaskPane as shown in the figure.


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