Mindfire's engineers are always busy. We don't claim not to have 'bench time', but we do know how to use our bench well.. Below are some useful things completed by our team during free time, available for free use..


WordPress MFS Mailbox plugin – MFSMailboxplugin

This WordPress plugin is used for allowing one registered user to send mail(s) to other registered user(s). This plugin has two versions and the second version has incorporated newer features such as File attachment functionality, sending mails to multiple users and has implemented a send to all checkbox functionality.

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DotNetNuke mfsVideoModule
The mfsVideo module is used to integrate video file to the desired DNN enabled site. This module plays the video files using FlowPlayer’s Flash player. It allows you to display videos on your site which are actually hosted on other video sites. But, you need to give the actual physical path. This saves your disk space and bandwidth. mfsVideoModule can allow you to upload videos in various format and automatically convert them to .flv format.
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DotNetNuke mfTabIFrame module – mfTabIFrame

The mfTabIFrame module helps to display content from another web site along with contents from intranet site, images, videos files and document within a frame. Multiple tab can be added and every tab will render its own data defined by site administrator. All the tabs can be added / managed by the site administrator or users having the mfTabIFrame edit permission. Current mfTabIFrame module features supports controlling Header text, Footer text, width, height, Auto height, border, and overflow scrolling. The mfTabIFrame module is well comparable with DNN 4.x and DNN 5.x.

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FTP Plug-in for Servoy – mfFtp

mfFtp is the FTP Plugin for Servoy. The Plug-in can be used for performing various FTP operations like file upload,make directory,delete file, delete directory, change directory and get current working directory on FTP server from the Servoy application. The Plugin can also be scripted to get the Servor Response string. The upload method of the Plugin is overloaded to upload a file(s) through various security level(FTP/FTPS/FTPES) and transfer mode(auto/binary/ascci) according to the argument passed into it. The Plug-in has also it's Default Update status window which show list of files and it's directory(s) to be upload with the progress bar. File uploading runs in the background so UI never be blocked till uploading finished..

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Welcome User Web Part for SharePoint 2007

The Welcome User Web Part is a simple Sharepoint Web Part which can be consumed within WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 enviornment to display a Greetings message along with a digital clock. It provides an optional area to display any kind of external data like; the company's stock price, some useful information from the database or even invoke a web service to get some valuable information and get it displayed within this area.

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Word 2003 Redirector

Word2003Redirector is a plug-in for Microsoft Word 2003 that bypasses the normal file saving / opening of Word application and saves files directly in to a centralized SQL Server database as well as allows user to retrieve files from the database. Once installed, this plug-in starts automatically and replaces the file save and open icons on both menu bar and command bar with new icons. While saving a file, the file save dialog allows user to provide a file name and the file content is serialized and saved into database. Similarly, on open command, the file open dialog populates a list of files already saved into database and the selected file is retrieved from database, de-serialized and opened up .

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Server Utility Plug-in for Servoy – "mfServerUtils 1.0"

"mfServerUtils", is a Servoy Plug-in that gives the power to developer to control the Application Server and any connected Clients, running on the server. The Plug-in is smart enough to give you the capability to control the client's (Rich Client & Web Client) behavior such as alerting Client, shutting down Client etc. Not only about the Clients can you also control your Servoy Application Server such as alerting all Clients, shutting down the server, restarting the server etc. And all these powerful things right from your Servoy Solution it self.

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JSpinner Bean for SERVOY

JSpinner Bean for SERVOY is the JSpinner swing component of Java. With the help of JSpinner bean of SERVOY, user can spins through a specific range of numbers, spins through specific range of dates & times and also can spin through list of custom values. It has all the properties & methods to access & change the value of the JSpinner with in the SERVOY Environment.

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"mfRecordPro", Record Plugin for SERVOY

mfRecordPro is the Record Plugin for Servoy.  The plugin can be used for recording audio from your Servoy application. The Plugin also has the facility to play back the recently recoded audio or the previously stored one. The plugin returns the recorded audio as byte array which can be stored in the database and can be played back latter. 

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J2EE Custom declarative authentication for Macromedia JRun and iPlanet LDAP

The J2EE specification specifies programmatic and declarative authentication as two broad methods of authentication. However, there is no particular authentication method specified to be followed in declarative authentication - implementation is left open to the J2EE server.

Mindfire's two engineers decided to build a Custom declarative authentication package for Web applications on the JRun J2EE server. The package was built to authenticate from an iPlanet LDAP server through JNDI interfaces.

To get this package for free use, please write to us here.

Hebrew Word-breaker/Stemmer for Microsoft Index Server

Word-breakers and stemmers are used in search engines to get to the root of words being searched. For example, if you search for "swimming", a stemmer when interposed between the front-end and the engine, will actually ask the engine to return all results with "swim", "swam", "swimmer" and so on.

Microsoft Index Server is most commonly used in IIS web servers for indexing and searching. The MS Index Server comes with a built-in search engine and support for several languages including English, German, French and so on. Hebrew is a complex language for stemming/breaking operations (with multiple composite possibilities) and is not supplied by default.

Microsoft provides a set of interfaces to build custom language stemmers and word-breakers. Mindfire built a flexible framework for building stemmers. DLLs with COM components implementing little-known interfaces were constructed for use with the Hebrew locale. These DLLs are introduced into the Index Server architecture so that all search words are passed for word-breaking and stemming. Based on rules specified in an input XML configurator, the component achieves its objective.

To get this package for free use, please write to us here.

Memory patch for the Open-source Apache program FOP for XML/XSL to PDF conversion

The Apache Open-source initiative for XSL:Formatting Objects to be applied on XML is known as FOP - Formatting Objects Processor. FOP allows one to apply Formatting Objects (and rules) to XML content through a XSL stylesheet. Output can be any of various formats, though PDF is the most common.

Mindfire has extensive experience in XML-to-PDF technologies, and we helped the FOP community solve one of its biggest problems. Large PDF generation (over 200Mb) would result in memory overruns in the FOP Java program, leading to usage issues in production environments.

The patch produced by Mindfire implements a memory-streaming technique that optimizes memory load and disk storage - leading to a robust program whose memory requirements do not grow linearly with document size. With this patch, FOP has been successfully used in both Web (dynamic XML-to-PDF) and file scenarios, for documents of arbitrary complexity and size.

To download this patch for free use, please click here.

Control Array converter for MS Visual Basic form optimization

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 introduced the concept of Control Arrays for optimized form loading and memory performance. Though there are arguments both for and against Control Array-driven programming, one thing is certain: for certain "inactive" controls like labels and captions, control arrays make complete sense.

Mindfire has developed a program to analyze VB programs and convert them to use control arrays. The developer can control which types of control to migrate, and the utility changes all control occurrences as well as cross-references and programming usage. It even makes intelligent 'Const' parameters to use as indices into control array elements.

To get this package for free use, please write to us here.

jQuery Plugin-mfsNiceControls

mfsNiceControls is a jQuery base form plug-in. It allows you to create custom looking radio buttons and check boxes in your HTML form. In HTML we cannot use css for styling these controls like we can with other input fields. This plug-in uses a basic theme for all radio buttons and check boxes by default. The user can also override the default theme by selecting from other ones we have provided.

To read more and download this plugin, please click here.



mfModuleAppointments is an Appointment module developed in Servoy which can be embedded with any existing Servoy application to serve user appointments. This module provides an efficient way to maintain appointments. A user can create and manage its own appointments. A good and user friendly interface, with keyboard shortcuts and context menus allowing easy access as well as easy handling of the appointments. This module is both Smart and Web client compatible. Internationalization is implemented for multi language support.

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DotNetNuke MfsPolling module

This module gives user a voice, which provides an important way for gather opinions/ views from users or site visitor's responses to questions on a site. Allow users to vote just once, or as many times as they would like (if only once, the system bases the vote on their IP address and doesn't allow them to vote twice).

MfsPolling module is significant because it can provides a way for web site visitors to share their ideas and vote on topics of the site administrator choosing. The MfsPolling Module is compatible with DNN 5.X, 6.X, 7.0 and .Net Framework 4.0 onwards.

To read more and download this module, please click here.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Quick Add Update

The Quick Add/Update interface will allow the CRM users to add or update multiple records for any CRM Entity (including the custom entities).

This interface will enable the CRM users to save lots of their time there by improving their performance. Because of its user-friendliness, the CRM User's will find it very easy to perform the insert/update multiple entities at a single place.

For more info and to download the package, please click here.

DotNetNuke Module – MfsSliding

MfsSliding is a Free DotNetNuke module designed to work only with DotNetNuke website. This is an image slider having bigger image with descriptions as detail view and auto sliding thumbnail view.

The main advantage of this module is, it is distributed in two sub-modules. So, you can place these two sub-modules separately in any pane of the page like thumbnail slider at top or image detail view at bottom or vice versa.

For more info and to download the module, please click here.

SharePoint 2010 RSSFeedsWebPart

RSSFeedsWebpart is a simple webpart that allows user to enter RSS url from different sources into a list and display corresponding feeds available in that specific source feed url. User or administrator can enter any number of RSS url of their choice in the default list FeedDetailsConfigure that is created when the webpart feature gets activated. For each RSS url present in the FeedDetailsConfigure list, corresponding feeds are stored in another list FeedDetailsInfo which also gets created at the time of activating RSSFeedsWebpart feature.

The primary advantage of this webpart is, user or administrator can enter any number of RSS url and the corresponding feeds are displayed in a single webpart. We can also say this webpart as a News Feed Webpart.

For more info and to download the webpart, please click here.

SharePoint 2010 Notification Webpart

The User Notification Web Part is a simple Web Part which gives notification of birthday, joining anniversary and marriage anniversary of the users in the SharePoint site. The standard notification message varies depending upon whether the logged in user has his/her birthday, joining anniversary or marriage anniversary or any other user. The messages will also change according to the event i.e. whether it’s birthday, joining anniversary or marriage anniversary.

For more info and to download the module, please click here.

DotNetNuke MfStockChart Module

Mindfire has developed a finance module named “MfStockChart” which is compatible with latest version of DotNetNuke. This module is very easy to use and help user to get updated with the finance market.  Through this module user can keep an eye on the turbulent world of stock market through your DNN portal. It has number of features which makes life easy for end users whether he/she is a portal visitor or a portal manager.

For more info and to download the module, please click here.

Multi Lead Address Holder – A CRM 2011 plug-in

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows to store only one address per lead. If the requirements come to store multiple addresses against a single lead then you have to customize your application to meet the requirement. We have developed a plug-in which is compatible with MS Dynamics CRM 2011 and supports to hold/store multiple addresses against a lead. It also assigns the addresses to accounts after the particular lead gets qualified and converted to accounts

For more info and to download the module, please click here.

Skype CRM Connector – A CRM 2011 plug-in

Skype CRM Connector allows to connecting Skype to CRM system, which enables CRM users to instantly load their Skype contact list within CRM system. You can directly call to the Skype contacts by clicking Skype Call button available in CRM. Window Installer will install an application which will communicate with Skype and CRM solution installer will install a custom entity into the CRM. So that the Skype-Connector application will place all the Skype contacts into that custom entity in CRM for the further use.

For more information and to download the module, please click here

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Deployer

The Solution Deployer is a very user friendly and easy to use application that allows the users to install a CRM solution automatically for them. The Utility pick the solution from one organization/server and install it on another one.

For more information and to download the module, please click here


The Activity Editor interface is accessible from the Activity Ribbon which allows the CRM users to edit multiple activity records at one go. The interface also enables users to complete/close any activity. When the activity Type is Task and Regarding is blank it will populate all the open task activities with regarding is null and populate all the open task activities whose regarding is an account record if the activity Type is Task and Regarding is Account.

For more information and to download the module, please click here.

Twitter WebPart for SharePoint sites

Twitter WebPart is a simple web part developed for every SharePoint site. This web part is to be integrated to the site in order to keep the user updated about the happenings in Twitter. The web part is useful for users who wants to stay updated about their favorites and also carry a lot of good features.

For more information and to download the web part, please click here.

CRM 2011 - GMailContactImporter Plugin

The Gmail Contact Importer is a CRM2011 plugin that will import all your contacts from Gmail Account to CRM 2011 Contacts Entity.  This will help you in importing your Customers contacts directly from Gmail Account to CRM 2011 Contacts Entity simply by giving your Email Id and Password.

For more information and to download the plug-in, please click here.

Kentico Polling Webpart - MfsPolling

This polling webpart gives user a voice, which provides an important way for gather opinions/views from users or site visitor's responses to questions on a site. Allow users to vote just once, or as many times as they would like.

For more information and to download the web part, please click here.

CRM 2011 - Admin Console

The CRM Admin Console is a set of utilities available within specific Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 implementations for some administrative tasks like Audit management, Attribute Search, Remove entities from sitemap, Webresource search.

For more information and to download the console, please click here.

Servoy JavaScript Bridge

Leveraging on the power of Servoy Browser Bean, we would like to demonstrate a glimpse of how the JavaScript world can be triggered from Servoy. Here, we have established the back and forth communication between Servoy and JavaScript, which works on both smart as well as web client.

For more information about the Servoy JavaScript Bridge, please click here.

DotNetNuke FeedBurner

MfsFeedBurner module is a simple module to show RSS feeds of any website on your portal. This will help to keep your site visitors updated with the latest happenings.

For more information about the DotNetNuke FeedBurner, please click here.

DotNetNuke Webcam Module

MfsWebcam module is a simple module to change user profile picture of any website on your portal. This will help to update users profile picture on websites which other installable module can also access using DotNetNuke coding standard.

For more information about the DotNetNuke MfsWebcam, please click here

Dynamics CRM 2011 - Auto Synchronizer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the word "entity" to refer to the structures used to store and manage data. Conceptually, entities are often compared to a table in a database because entities correspond to the types of records Microsoft Dynamics CRM manages. However, entities include much more than a database table. An entity includes definitions of the forms, views, relationships and behavior of Microsoft Dynamics CRM related to a specific record type.

For more information about Dynamics CRM 2011 - Auto Synchronizer, please click here

Kentico CMS-MailChimp Webpart

Kentico MailChimp Webpart provides user a medium to communicate with other user by sending email. A user can send email to everyone on a particular contact list. It is very successful communication medium between the sender and receiver. Kentico-MailChimp webpart is well compatible with Kentico CMS 6.0, 7.0 and . Net framework 4.0.

For more information about Kentico CMS-MailChimp Webpart, please click here

DotNetNuke-Dynamics CRM Feed Module

MfsCRMFeed module helps you to keep a track of latest happenings on your Dynamics CRM server. It utilizes the entity model of Dynamics CRM and fetches entity based feeds.

For more information about DotNetNuke-Dynamics CRM Feed Module, please click here

Dynamics CRM 2011 - Global Search

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM ‘Global Search’ solution allows CRM users for a quick and easy search across several entities and multiple fields. For example, users can search record(s) across entities by giving its required searching value of fields.

For more information about Dynamics CRM 2011 - Global Search, please click here

DotNetNuke-SoundCloud Module

SoundCloud module provides an interface to search, play and share tracks from It provides a unique hangout to website users and will increase their average stay period on website.

For more information about DotNetNuke-SoundCloud Module, please click here

RMS-Smart Shopping Add-in

The Smart Shopping Application is a POS add-in developed for Interactive Items’ Searching, Selection and Purchasing. The UI provides a rich tool for selection of Items and uses them for POS transactions. The items can be viewed according to their respective Departments and Categories. The UI has the provision to be enhanced by adding pictures and renaming Items.

For more information about RMS-Smart Shopping Add-in, please click here

Dynamics CRM 2011-Sitemap Editor

The Site map editor is a windows application that can be used to customize the site-map for CRM online (configured for both office 365 and windows live id) account, on-premise as well as for IFD version of MS dynamics CRM 2011.

For more information about Dynamics CRM 2011-Sitemap Editor, please click here

Umbraco MfsFeedBurner

MfsFeedBurner project is used to show RSS Feed content of any provider on your portal. This will help to keep your site visitors updated with the latest happenings.

For more information about Umbraco MfsFeedBurner, please click here

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Recoverer

The CRM – Recoverer is a utility to recover deleted data and re-create them within specific Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 organization, with minimal manual effort. With this utility all types of deployment (On-Premise, CRM Live and Partner Hosted) can be connected. Provided valid URI and user credentials are given, please click here

Custom User Login Template- FileMaker Solution

Custom User Login Template is a FileMaker Solution that provides user to use custom login process of user rather than to use default FileMaker user login dialogue. The solution is compactable and workable with FileMaker Pro 12, please click here

uAccordionTab Umbraco Project

uAccordionTab Umbraco project is used to maintain visibility of rich text content in accordion, horizontal and in vertical tabs. Using this you can add jquery accordion or tab to any page of your Umbraco site by simple creating some nodes in content section and add settings. This project is actually act as an wrapper, like whatever child nodes you are going to create using 'uAccordionTabNode_Child' document type this will converted in tabs content. Please click here

MFS Sugar- WordPress Plug-in

MFS Sugar- WordPress Plug-in is an introductory plugin to convert WordPress Comments to Sugar CRM Cases. This is a really handy plugin when you want to pull the cases from outside Sugar CRM. You can use the comments registered on your WordPress site to reflect into Sugar CRM.Please click here

DNN Sticky Note Module

This module allows users to easily add sticky notes on their websites. Like in our desktop we use Sticky Notes for storing some quick information that we may need to use frequently now you can do the same in your DNN website by using StickyNote module.Please click here

Crosswalking Between ICD-9 and ICD-10

We have developed a web-based solution for cross-walking/mapping between ICD-9 & ICD-10 code sets. Implementation of ICD-10-CM/PCS is aimed at overcoming the discrepancies present in ICD-9. This will ensure better evaluation of medical processes & outcomes in addition to accurate payment for healthcare services rendered.

Please Click Here to get the details of the ICD9-ICD10 conversion API

Image Control in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Image Control is a free dynamics CRM utility which helps the Dynamics CRM user to view images. Image Control enables user to view the images added as attachment in notes section of any entity. You can add multiple images for individual and can view those images as pop up on click of image.

Please Click Here  to get the details of the "Image Control in MS Dynamics CRM 2011"

Salesforce:MFS-S2S Extension

Data migration in Salesforce is certainly a sensitive thing and it can be achieved in various ways using various Data Migration tools. There is another mode of data transfer between two organizations is by S2S. This is a feature which is present within It has some advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "Salesforce: MFS-S2S Extension"

Servoy: MfCreditCard Plugin

MFCreditCardPlugin is an e-Commerce plugin developed in JAVA for Servoy. This plugin allows Servoy developers to integrate Credit Card transaction feature in their solutions. It consists of ‘processPayment’ method which connects to '' secure payment gateway for Credit Card transaction.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "MfCreditCardPlugin"

Servoy: MfDatePicker Module

MfDatePicker is a module developed in Servoy which adds multiple advanced features with flexible user interface to the basic calendar. It allows user to highlight his/her customized holidays with description and color code on the calendar. Also it helps user to easily navigate between months, years and year range too.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "MfDatePicker"

Servoy-Plug-in: MfDropbox

MfDropbox Plugin is a file sharing (with dropbox) plugin developed in JAVA for Servoy. This plugin allows Servoy developers to share files to their dropbox account from Servoy applications. It gets a secure access token for each user when they login for the first time to share file to dropbox, which can be stored for accessing dropbox in future. It can also give you a sharable URL which can be used to share a particular file with anyone.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "MfDropboxPlugin"

Salesforce MFS Exporter

This app is useful to export the records from list view of any object (standard or custom) with their parent object's fields as well. This app provide a way by which user can export parent object's fields value with current object (i.e. account fields with contact details etc.).

Please Click Here to get the details of the "Salesforce MFS Exporter"

DB Compare Tool- A .Net Utility

DB Compare Tool is a simple utility that compares the schema (Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and Functions) of two SQL Server databases. It is a simple tool that compares two instances of SQL Server and reports any schema differences in all tables, views, stored procedures & functions to make ensure they are up to date.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "DB Compare Tool- A .Net Utility"

Convert to Word: A Jasper Report Plug-in

The key concept behind this plug-in is catering the smooth conversion of number in digits into its equivalent number in words. This is Jasper Report plug-in, created in Java implementing the concepts of Scriptlets.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "Convert to Word: A Jasper Report Plug-in"

MFCrypt Servoy Plug-in

MFCrypt Plug-in is a security based plugin developed in JAVA for Servoy. This plugin allows Servoy developers to integrate various encode, decode, encryption and decryption mechanism of messages.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "MFCrypt Servoy Plug-in"

Mac OSX – HiddenPreferences Utility

HiddenPreferences is a Mac OSX utility which presents UI for user to alter certain system and application's properties which by default can only be controlled through scripts.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "Mac OSX – HiddenPreferences Utility"

FM Solution: Advance Searching

This is a FileMaker solution that provides user to search in multiple columns/individual columns by multiple ways. The solution is developed in FileMaker Pro 12.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "FM Solution: Advance Searching"

Mac OSX- BarCodeFramework

BarCodeFramework is a Mac OSX framework which can be used to read barcodes from images and write barcodes to images.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "Mac OSX- BarCodeFramework"

WordPress-MFS Post Viewer

MFS Post viewer is a sidebar widget for WordPress which displays your recent posts. It will give you multiples options to manage the display of the posts.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "WordPress-MFS Post Viewer"

ToGo: An Android Application

This is an application that makes life much simpler in the context of traveling. This app provides you a simple way to get into your destination whether you are a native person in the city or not.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "ToGo: An Android Application"

Auto Logout Servoy Extension

Most of the time users leave the Servoy client idle. And it holds one Servoy license unnecessarily. Also it can be a security issue to leave one client unattended or idle. Somebody else can access the system in the absence of the genuine user and perform some illegal operations. And importantly, the Servoy client will keep holding the Server resources without any reason.

Please Click Here to get the details of the "Auto Logout Servoy Extension"

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