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At Mindfire, we understand the criticality and importance of testing Enterprise applications, which run as backbones to many profitable business organizations across many industries. Ineffective testing and a defective application can not only prove to be costly for one’s organization, but also damage its reputation. Our expert testers understand these challenges and take utmost care while designing unique test strategies for testing Enterprise solutions catering to particular domain. Mindfire Solutions has a proficient QA team, with supporting infrastructure and processes to optimize testing of business applications.


Testing Approach


We have been in business of custom software development and QA testing for 17 years now and we are a specialist in Small Team Software Development by following Agile Methods. We provide a range of services on enterprise application testing with the support of our deep Software QA Testing expertise.

Modular testing to test requirements: The entire application is divided into major functional modules and each of them is tested as a sub-system. Later a system test confirms that these subsystems work fine when integrated with each other. We also follow this approach to test various business layers in the application.

  • Unit testing
  • Regression, Integration and System testing
  • Business Logic testing
  • Database Interaction
  • Interdependencies between various business layers and relational mapping: This is to test that the various layers communicate with each other properly and data flow between these layers is smooth.
  • UI, usability and dataflow
  • Compatibility (on various h/w, s/w configurations)
  • Installation and Deployment: Deployment testing is done by simulating user environment and then doing installation on similar platforms as used by the end user.
  • Reliability, performance and load tolerance
  • Recovery and fail-over testing: This test ensures that the system recovers to the last stable state after a fail-over or crash. We also check for data loss or corrupt data during the crash, so that important business data is not lost in such situations.

It is always a good practice to prepare an effective bug report. Fixing a bug depends on how effectively you prepare your bug report. At Mindfire we provide daily test report for our client which will help them to stay updated about the project progress. You are welcome to visit our Daily Testing Bug Report page to get details of the service.


Software Application Testing Services

The Software Testing Team at Mindfire also provides the following types of Application Testing Services

  • Web Application Testing - Mindfire's dedicated team of Web test engineers have good experience and knowledge in Web based application testing technologies. Mindfire's rich expertise in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering many projects for our clients in different parts of the globe.
  • Desktop Application Testing - Mindfire Solutions provides a range of testing services on desktop applications with the support of our detailed desktop application testing expertise and 10+ years of QA testing experience.
  • Mobile App Testing - Mindfire Solutions’ mobile app testing services is wide-ranged and gives you the confidence that your applications will function as intended across handheld devices of varying screen sizes, internal hardware, resolution, carriers and on different versions of operating systems.


We have expensive experience in testing business applications in the following domains.

Key Points

  • Domain knowledge available for various business sectors
  • 5+ years of Enterprise Applications testing experience
  • Expertise in Modular testing approach
  • Experience in testing successful deployment in actual environment


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