A Mathematics application

Executive Summary

This is an application designed to improve the mathematics skills of students. In general, the application is used to generate test, review answers, assign/monitor drills. Application is separated into following sections:

Administration section:

This section helps to manage following information:

1. Manage area (district) information for which school(s) information can be added.

2. Manage school information.

3. It has the functionality to import the dependent information, such as Teacher, Class, Student, and Drills etc.

4. Manage question(s) for generating a test paper for teacher(s).

5. Manage test(s) for teacher(s) which can be used by teachers for their students.

General section:

This is the section can be accessed by different types of users, such as Teacher, School Staff, Monitor etc.

1. A teacher can generate test for the students, review results, assign drills, if not satisfied with result, assign additional instruction by reviewing the result, view notes added for students, view evaluation for the drill work assigned.

2. A staff can add monitor for school, create / change calendar of monitor for their availability, assign / change monitor of a student.

3. A monitor can download the drills for session with student scheduled, evaluate the drill session with student, and rescheduled the session with student.

About our Client

E-learning company


Education, School Industry


Java, PHP 5.x, MYSQL 5.x, Java 1.1.6