A SaaS Application on Text Messaging Solutions - A ColdFusion Case Study

Executive Summary

A 100% open rate, 98% read rate and 90% response rate is an enviable figure where digital communication is considered. If you haven’t guessed it already the above statistics are for text messages. The proliferation of mobile phones all over the world (it is already 100% in the USA) has led to many brands opting to include text messaging into their digital marketing strategy. Yet another statistics states that 43% of mobile advertisements prompted brand recall. These statistics confirm the fact that messages delivered via mobile text advertising are more personal and timelier than any other advertising medium. The reach of mobile text advertising is even more owing to the ubiquity of mobile phones as a constant companion in our lives.

And this is precisely our client’s business plan. Developing a SaaS application on text messaging solutions that would help various advertisers effectively reach their target audience with personal messages in a timely manner was the top most priority for them. Additionally this would also help build a consumer database which could be analyzed further and contacted accordingly. As a software services provider they wanted to leverage on the software technologies readily available to communicate better with the target market.

Apparently when the client contacted Mindfire, they had already been through a negative experience with the previous software vendor. However, the partnership with Mindfire proved to be a fruitful one and now we are the primary software services provider for the client. They have also expressed interest in Mindfire’s services when they would want to customize the platform, white label the product and aggressively market it to other domains.

About our Client

Client Description: Mobile Messaging Services Provider

Client Location: USA

Industry : Software


ColdFusion10, SQL Server 2008, Bootstrap, ChartJS, BaseCamp, jUnit

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