A social networking portal for emerging artists in the entertainment industry and their fans

Executive Summary

Created a web 2.0 site for emerging artists in the entertainment industry which allows artists to create profiles and fans to support and track their progress. The site provides a social networking and media sharing platform. The primary objective is to create an emotional connection between the fans and artists and to provide a way to artists for promoting themselves. The portal differentiates itself from the competition by being entertainment focused rather than just music focused.

Some of the features include limited video and music upload to their profiles. Allowing artists to distribute their uploaded media to other popular entertainment networks (pushing data) such as Facebook, Myspace, etc. via custom sharing widgets. Providing access to fans to follow preferred artists and their progress and help promote them. Allowing fans to provide feedback to artists through comments and a unique rating system.

We configured Apache 2 with mod_flvx to allow for pseudo-streaming, ffmpeg and flvtool2 for conversion of uploaded media files. PHP5 and MySQL5 using Zend were selected for development. The application code and database were setup for replication on Amazon EC2 instances and content was backed up to S3 for which we implemented and provided server configuration.

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