Account Management Software

Executive Summary

Designed an account management component which allows organization admin to create and maintain user accounts. Created Online registration section through which vendors and management companies who will be able to complete and submit an on-line registration to become customers which will activate an admin account for that organization.

A license management component for vendors through which vendors can purchase and transfer licenses to their users. Implemented a recurring payment system for license creation using PayPal where licenses are prorated for remaining days of the month. Created RFP Listings for vendor users, including the ability to create and maintain advertising verbiage and graphic content. Implemented feature to limit the duration of advertisements as well as the number of advertisements per customer.

Implemented an upgrade advertisement feature in which payments were made through Paypal’s recurring payment method. Created a license management component for Management Companies through which they can purchase and transfer licenses to its users. Created a section for home user associations within Management Company and created a license management section for them as well.

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