Executive Summary

When you are one of the largest insurance companies in the country, you have claims running into millions of pounds, you have employees who are scattered across throughout the country, and you have various levels in the same designation, and on top of it , multitudes of designations in the company and each level in each designation has hundreds of people, you need a system which not only tracks the information, the performance parameters of each of the people, but should also be robust, scalable, secure and user-friendly. When one of the largest insurance company in Romania faced this problem of consolidating all the information and making a system which catered to tracking correct information of its agents. The challenge lied in the timeframe available and also in understanding where to start so that the business for the company kept on running as usual without affecting the existing customers. The client was on the lookout for a mid sized vendor where it could share all the details without having to worry about the architecture of the application itself. They needed a web solution and were unsure whether the web version of such a massive application would be feasible, if at all.

The Mindfire Solutions

Mindfire Solutions started on from listening to the exact needs of all the stakeholders at the start of the process. Each of the levels had dependency of data from the root level – the agents. Activity management system is used to keep track of the managers’ and agents’ activities. It has two (admin / user) sections. An admin can create and update the agent information. Admin can synchronize the data from Access database to SQL Server database to update the agents. Mangers can enter the activities of their lower next hierarchy according to their role. Managers can also generate several reports (export to excel), graphs within a date range.


ASP.NET, C#.NET, .Net 2.0 framework, Crystal Reports 10, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005, XML Chart


The biggest challenge in creating this Activity Management system was to create a system which handles enormous volume of data, maintains the sanctity of the backend calculations in the system as well as is highly optimized for performance because it was a web based application. In addition, all this had to be done maintaining highest level of data confidentiality and data security. Mindfire not only achieved all of this but all created a system which is scalable and could helped create features for handling product portfolio changes of the customer.