Activity Monitor App

Executive Summary

This application is intended to help its user in losing calories and keeping track of the same. People engaged in desk jobs are prone to obesity and other related health issues. It keeps track of standing time and sitting time for the user and calculates extra calories burned while standing based on user weight. Thus, helps its user in maintaining weight and health.

After installation, user can input his/her weight in settings, customize sitting time, standing time setting as per their convenience and start the application. Whenever a timer is completed user is notified by a notification and notification sound can be selected from sounds settings in the application. User can pause or skip current timer if required, thus providing much needed flexibility for daily use. Calories burned during standing time are displayed and continuously updated for the day. On the click of “End” button, user can see the summary of the day i.e. Total standing time, Total sitting time and calories burned.

About our Client

HealthCare Company




Android SDK (android version 2.2, API level 8), IOS