Acupuncture Clinic - Schedule Management

Executive Summary

The project has been developed for a acupuncture clinic to manage the information related to the clinic along with scheduling appointments for available doctors in different departments.

Appointment Scheduler Module:

– Allow users to check availability and schedule appointments

– CMS Admin should be able to block out dates via CMS (schedule appointments for any date/time range with any label they want, e.g. “Closed” or “Holiday” or whatever they would need to say)

Testimonial Module:

– Allows anyone to submit a testimonial (text content)

– New entries added to the database/CMS view with status “Pending Approval”

– CMS admins should be able to change the status to “Approved”, and also Add / Edit / Delete any entry

– All “Approved” entries should show up on the public website in order of date, with most recent at the top, pagination at bottom, limit pages to 15 entries per page.

Blog Module:

– Standard blog module, CMS admin creates new entries via CMS

– Public users may comment on posts Using the CMS, admin can manage the below jobs after login:

– Manage Pages

– Manage Snippets

– Manage Website Settings

– Manage Modules system

– Manage Widgets System

– Manage Contact Page

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