AD Tracking and Analysis

Executive Summary

This application allows admin, publisher and sponsor to manage campaigns and publish widgets on 3rd party websites where a user can redeem coupon. Admin is allowed to manage publishers, sponsors, widgets and campaigns. Publisher can generate widget embed code for any site and post on registered 3rd party websites. The embed code is website aware and only works on the assigned website. A user can visit daily for 5 days to redeem published coupon on 3rd party website. The publisher can manage websites and can see widget view and coupon redeem reports. The report data can be exported in excel sheet format. The sponsor can manage campaigns to be displayed in the widget and can view the reports for ongoing campaigns. The widget requests on external sites are served through Tornado server due to its high availability. MongoDB is used to store the publisher, sponsor and user data. The application uses Google charts to render charts for the campaign.

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