Agriculture Tracking Application

Executive Summary

It is an agricultural-business solution to track and operate the people and their activity, land, sites and their details related to the business. This solution helps tracking the lands provided by the farmer, the yield from the land, the process of measurement of the farming and shipping details and the job done by the employees as well.

This is a solution for internal usage of the client company. All the employees who have an access to this system can use it. The system has usually two types of data input sources:

1. User Inputs

2. SMS Sent by employees

The system can process the inputs by user commands, and in most of the cases, back-end processing and scheduled jobs collect the data and push them into the appropriate table of the database. It has a message processing module to process messages from mobile devices. This processing is done mainly on the database side.

To track and measurement of lands, we have used SQL Server Spatial functionality. It helps us calculating area of a land, detecting the persons who visited near the lands and other Land measurement activities.

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