Amazing Makeover Mobile app

Executive Summary

Amazing Makeover is an application which involves the user with a team of Fictional Characters to adopt healthy activities in order to achieve good health. User earn the health points by setting & completing the goals for their team.

Character response is decided on the basis of the goal rating. User earn the health points when character has a good feedback response. User can give the coaching option to the character when there is a bad feedback. User can cash in this health point in the Health Plan website once the episode is completed.

User can use this application to learn & adopt good healthy habits. User can also choose the goal (like quit smoking, eating healthy food, stress management, walk) for his own & complete the goal by adopting healthy activities in a week. User uses this application to get rid of bad habits like smoking and eating junk food.

About our Client

HealthCare Company


Health & Fitness


iOS 5.0 onwards, Xcode4.5 Android SDK 2.3+, Java