Animal data capture and survey app

Executive Summary

This is an offline application, which is basically used by the on-site professionals making survey on the animals by capturing their data. It deals with capturing animals like bats etc. and gathering their details like species, age, sex etc. It also captures the related information of the site details, where the animals have been caught and the nets used to capture them. It helps the user to take the animal, site and net pictures using device camera from different angles. Along with the images it also captures the device location and compass data of the placed nets and the direction of the device during image captured respectively.

The allows the user to draw the environment of the site by using his/her finger. S/he Also can place several flags/other images onto the drawn image to indicate some specific regions, if any. User can perform activities like Undo, redo, drag-drop, erase, pen color change etc. on the drawn image.

The app also allows to export the data with the site, net and animal details in form of a PDF. User also can have the ability to take backup of the database, download the photos and PDFs through iTunes.

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