Application for Agriculture

Executive Summary

The client’s organization is based on agriculture. As per their requirement field agents used to travel and communicate with farmers and gather data in different formats of papers. Latter stage same data was updated to the system manually. To avoid these process MAT application was developed. This application has 3 section, such as Mobile Application, Web Application and server side webservices.

Using the mobile application field agents send the collected data through SMS in proper format. Upon receiving the SMS the back-end server process the same data and update the database. By using the front-end web application the users of the company can search, view, add, edit and manipulate relevant data in different sections. Also there are several processes defined in the application to do several backend processes to update several tables and generate data for mobile application.

Since the application is used by the employees of the organization, we have implemented proper access control for the users. Also for users reference, we have integrated maps and graphs in the application.

About our Client

Agriculture Company