Application for Dermatology Clinic

Executive Summary

We worked with this dermatology specializing clinic to design and build a complete healthcare application, i.e. EMR and PMS [Scheduling and Billing].

The application used Silverlight technology to give an user a graphical interface which allows a dermatologist to chart all their work quickly. Something very essential for physicians to be able to use any EMR product. The application provides an integrated Lab interface, which can be used to send and receive reports through ftp, HL7 or simply through uploading scanned copies.

The application allows the users the highest levels of billing through a built-in Evaluation and Management[EM] module and coding based on the latest standards defined for the dermsoft practices.

The application was build to ensure that every aspect of the application conformed to HIPAA regulation and was CCHIT 2008 compliant.

About our Client

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