Application for Teachers

Executive Summary

The teacher’s application is commonly meant for the school management. This application manages all the teachers and their information and student registration and also other information for example (maintaining homework, lesson plan etc. for student) belongs to one particular school.

The teacher application has normally 3 sections as explained below:

1. Site Administration: The site administrator has given access to add different schools. When a school is added by the administrator, all the required information for e.g. user id, address, phone etc. are maintained inside the admin section. The user id generated is required for school administrator to login into School Admin section. In School Admin section, the school administrator uses the user id and password provided by the Admin for the school login.

2. School Administration: The school administrator has given access to edit the information of school details, as well as he can add and edit teachers, classes, approve student for a particular class.

3. Teachers: There are two different login sections for both teachers and students. When a teacher logs in, he has given access to work on the different sections like homework, lesson plan, announcement, calendar, supplies, field trip, and newsletter and configuration section. The teacher has given access to change his information, reset the password along with some other facility.

For a student login, he can navigate to teachers web pages assigned to him by the school administrator as well as he can edit his information and change password.

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