Application for tracking packets on truck

Executive Summary

The Project is basically about the loading and unloading of packets on the truck. The application runs on WM5, WCE 5, PPC 2003 devices and has 4 parts. Showroute, Dock, Osd and Config. Under showroute it basically displays the route details. Dock and Config is further divided into two major parts loading and receiving. Under the loading part the scanning is done at the loaders end and the packages are loaded and send to the destination. Here the manifest number or truck number or the pronumber can be scanned. It also gives the facility to load or unload the packages to the truck. The other is the receivers end where the same processing is done again with the only difference that by default in receivers section the count is decreased by one by default(since the packages are unloaded) and on the loading section the scan count is incremented by one.

Targeted devices for this project are Symbol MC 909x G series Windows CE 5 devices, Symbol MC 900x S series PPC 2003 devices.

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