Appointment Scheduling and Management

Executive Summary

This product is part of an integrated software package designed exclusively for ambulatory care medical practice needs. Available individually or as a package, the software suite includes software to convert paper documents to electronic files (EHR), manage appointment-scheduling, patient charting and diagnosis, prescriptions, billing and claims. The software suite is an excellent & affordable solution for medical practices, since it is available as a service, powered by the SaaS (software as a service) capabilities. Appointment Scheduling is web-platform software to reduce paper work and pain to front office while scheduling the physician’s appointment with patients. This software design considered various day-to-day activities involved in a physician’s clinic.

Appointment templates – Day/Week/Month, customizable frequency/time-slot templates

Configurable working hours – Allowed in advance, to prevent confusions & rescheduling

Customizable Visit Lengths – By visit type, defined by physician

Flexible Scheduling – Single/Recurring appointment

Resource scheduling – Ultrasound, XRay rooms/machines and other equipments

Multiple, Configurable Views – Day View, week view and All physician View

Quickly Reschedule – Using pre-built templates

Manage/Track patient flow – From check-in through checkout; integrated to wireless PDA/Tablet PC

Integrated Checks – Electronically check patient insurance status for coverage

Tickler/Auto-Reminders – Alerts to patients in case of missing dependencies (reports etc)

Search Free Slots/Availability – Check availability of time or physician by using search free slots

Scheduling Reports – Produce multiple views of different schedules and print various report

Integration with Suite – Integrated with EMR/EHR and Billing modules

Export to HL7 – For Medical Transcription

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