Artifacts Inventory System

Executive Summary

Designed and developed a relational database populated with archaeological collections and artifacts data curated at Fort Lee. Simple graphical user interface forms were created within the database to facilitate queries which includes read, insert, delete and update.

The following are a list of forms used in this application:

Artifact- This includes all the details regarding the Artifact such as, its accession number, state site number, site name, category, material, object and typology.

Collection – This refers to the particular block from where the artifacts have been collected. It is defined using its accession number, installation name, project name, accession date, boxes, no. of artifacts, state site number and comments.

Category – This form has a lot of sub-categories with which it has one-to-many relation. Sub-categories include class, object part, body color, dec color, glaze color and sub-tech 5. These all categories are used to define the Artifact’s properties.

There is also a report mechanism which allows the user to export all the data using filters in a PDF format.

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ASP.Net 4.0, C#.Net, AJAX, jQuery, MS SQL Server 2008