Executive Summary

This project involved putting in place a set of standards, protocols and services that enable simple, secure electronic transport of health information (push messaging) between healthcare participants. The intent is to facilitate “direct” communication with a focus towards more advanced levels of interoperability – something which cannot be achieved using simple paper. Direct focuses on transportation security mechanism for the content meant to be exchanged, but does not specify the actual content itself. Any two participants, organizations or communities without a central governance structure can implement the Direct Project standards and services.

The Direct Project applications are similar to commonly available email applications but go further in providing encrypted messaging to ensure the safety and security of exchanged information. Just like email, the Direct Project requires the user to know the recipient’s address. Most Direct Project applications do not include a system for searching and finding patient records or provider contacts (direct project addresses). Benefits of deploying a Direct Project application include having securely encrypted messages and attachments, cost-effective information exchange, and a relatively simple implementation.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location : USA

Industry : Healthcare IT


ASP.NET 4.0, JavaScript, CSS, Window Service (.NET 4.0). The web interface is interactive and simple to use which involves client side technologies (like JavaScript, CSS). The server technology involves ASP.NET in background which is used to encrypt the message using certificates and send message. For incoming message there is a window service running at the background which fetches incoming messages from mail server and decrypt the message using certificate and update the database.