Assisted Conversion Tracking

Executive Summary

Assisted Conversion Tracker is a module of Lead Management System and developed using Java language. This project aims at collecting information about the assisted visits by a lead to the on line contact form of a target site.

Assisted visit OR Assisted conversion is a Google Analytics terminology. This describes the visits by a lead to the target site before the actual conversion happens. If a lead visited the target site five times and converted(contacted) on the 5th visit then all the previous four visits are considered as assisted visits. This application takes into consideration only the first visit among all the visits as the assisted visit.

The application is run by a system scheduler. It first fetches all the leads from the local DB for the supplied date range and then loops each of the lead to fetch its assisted conversion (if present) from Google Analytics. The key here is the gavisitorid, which is there in DB as well as GA. The application fetches all the visits corresponding to a particular gavisitorid, among all the visits it picks the first one and parses it for valid data and stores in the DB against the Lead that have the corresponding gavisitorid.

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