Audio Distribution Platform

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented an audio distribution platform that uses WordPress for the marketing site and CMS. Integrated WordPress, using the Vulnero plugin, with the application which is created using the Zend framework. The application allows artists to upload their audio recordings and helps them distribute watermarked audio files with inaudible code to all major download and streaming service applications so that any recording can be traced and help in prevention of piracy.

The application also captures and parses royalty payment data from each of these applications to help the artist track revenue. Implemented ability for users to create campaigns and use custom templates to distribute watermarked audio files. Implemented a feature to capture feedback from campaign recipients and which also allows them to vote for their favorite track. Used gearman as a message queue to execute resource intensive processes that require watermarking and audio slicing for previews to run in a controlled manner and then send bulk mail with the watermarked preview files.

Implemented a anti-piracy search system which integrates with Google CSE (Custom Search Engine) to find unauthorized download links on websites. Implemented a function to find the webmaster’s or site contact person’s email using who is to then send them take down notices to them. Implemented a module to manage releases for different labels / companies and distribution platforms and to then display sales/revenue/royalty reports.

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