Audio Distribution Website for Libraries

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a highly secure website for libraries where the members/patrons from the libraries can be redirected/login to this website to listen to and download audio tracks based on the libraries subscription status and download limits set by the library admin. The audio tracks are stored on a CDN server and we used memcaching techniques for avoiding database queries to make the site load faster and provide the desired information to users quickly.

The site has different user roles for different administrators to login to the site and manage the content that they are privileged for. The libraries can white label the site to match the look and feel of their website.

The site allows the Super Administrator to manage users, libraries, content displaying on the site etc. The site allows users coming from library websites to browse the website and play or download song tracks from different genres and artists based on their download limit availability. The site also allows users to do normal or advanced search based on different criteria to get their relevant song, artists, album results.

Key features include allowing library patrons to login to the site using different authentication methods by connecting to API services and validating their login. We have widely used JS and jQuery to make the site more user friendly.

We optimized the site for best performance by using different site optimization techniques like minifying JS and CSS files, using a div structured layout for the entire site to allow the pages to render faster and provide the best experience of browsing the website.

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