Audio/Video based Customer Service Application for websites

Executive Summary

Designed and Implemented a multi-lingual web-based CMS application using CakePHP as the framework that allows the admin to manage customers and website content.

Customers can sign up and create representative accounts. The representatives can then login and use a flash-based interface/widget to interact with website visitors who initiate a connection via their own interface/widget. The application allows the customer to specify and customize settings to personalize their visitor facing widget. Customizations include options such as showing representative list for the visitor to select a rep from or to only show first available representative. Further the representatives can select ring tones for their widgets and the customer can override settings for the visitor widgets.

The flash widgets implement multilingual support for LTR languages such as Arabic and Hebrew as well. We used both FMS Flash Media Server for tracking representative connectivity and textchat and then Adobe Cirrus for P2P communication for video and audio. FMS was used to ensure ordered message delivery which P2P does not provide since it is UDP based.

The application delivers an online Skype like experience but is limited in its features.

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