Automated Education Evaluation System

Executive Summary

When it is about improvement of quantitative skills of the students, and making a robust, secure, scalable system for the education and learning industry, Mindfire understands that the system needs to be completely foolproof. The client had a need to create a complete online, web-based system for an education package which could help students take up courses as per their weak areas, appear for tests, get measured on their performance and remedial courses suggested, automated. Expert architects at Mindfire designed the overall architecture and the system workflow from the concepts relayed by the client. The system was built in Java, PHP and MYSQL 5.x, ensuring scalability. With Open Source Java OMR utilization in the application, the EES (Education Evaluation System) removed the last piece of manual labor and made the application fully automated.

About our Client

Client Description: A Software Solutions Firm

Client Location: MA, USA

Industry: Education and Learning Industry

Business Situation

The client firm’s (a software-consulting firm) customer, a group of people in United States wanted to create an application which would improve the Mathematical skills of school students. Their idea was backed up by a survey they did which did prove that the Mathematics skills in students are indeed average. That is where they saw the market for a product which helps improve and measure the Mathematics skills of the students. The client decided to create an application where teachers, students, other staff, administrators are able to talk to each other and share information about the progress of each student. The core effort was to evaluate a student. Teacher has other responsibilities as well. This core need of an application was to ensure no teacher gets overloaded with these additional responsibilities. The client firm came up with the concept and architecture of a software solution/system for its customer –Option to create a test, add questions to the test and other functionalities. Option needed to be given to print the test. Every test paper had a bar code. The test paper is to be scanned and validated with the correct answers database. Mindfire designed and developed the overall system.


PHP 5.x, MYSQL 5.x, Java 1.1.6