Automated Website Status Verification Application

Executive Summary

This product/tool checks the current status of websites (whether it is up/down) at regular intervals and intimates the website administrator through various means. The application enables people to register themselves as users with their website address, email address and mobile number through the user section by normal registration process. The application checks all the websites at regular intervals and then sends alerts to the registered email address and mobile numbers if the sites is down. We have different grades of users for the system based on which the application decides the intervals of check and alert types and mode of alerts.

The tool has two sections which contains interface for normal users and the product administrators. The admin section is built with Flex and ColdFusion. The admin section allows admin to view revenue collection by month, sites running against sites down chart, free and paid users chart, latest URLs added, add/edit/delete user details, user transaction details, add/edit/delete SMS provider detail, membership type details and PayPal Transaction details. Overall the admin section acts as the control panel of the product.

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ColdFusion 8.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript